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'AITA for buying a camper after my sister and BIL wouldn't stop relentlessly bullying me?' UPDATED x3

'AITA for buying a camper after my sister and BIL wouldn't stop relentlessly bullying me?' UPDATED x3


Man "ruins" thirty year old sister's camping experience because he invested in tools to not let her bully him anymore.

F150-Camperman writes:

I know this sounds a bit odd, but I (M32) am not a big fan of camping. Don't like it, but don't really hate it either. My sister loves it, though, and every time she invites me on a camping trip, something happens. My sister and her husband love to camp with friends multiple times a year. Our mother always calls me up, begging me to go too.

The reason why is that my sister and brother-in-law use camping as a reason to get wasted and act like teenagers. They have two kids, both boys, 10 and 9 years old, so someone needs to stay sober and be responsible. My sister and brother-in-law love to mess with me too. They don't like to let me sleep in and would literally collapse my tent on me to wake me up.

Last year, I brought one of those cots that have their own small tent. They pushed me over in it like they were cow tipping. I'd had enough. So this year, I took some measures. I only go along with the camping for the sake of my nephews. They're good kids. So this year, I got a used camper without telling anyone and met my sister and the rest of her group at the campsite with it.

She looked displeased when she saw it but didn't say she was upset. Everyone else seemed to love the camper, though. During the camping trip, all of the usual stuff happened. Except any time they tried to mess with me, I just went into the camper and locked the door. Which also meant I got a better night's sleep. Around 8 AM, I heard someone outside fiddling with the doorknob. They were trying to prank me again.

They ended up resorting to using an air horn. I put in earplugs. They then tried to rock the truck, but it must have been too heavy because they stopped after a few seconds. I didn't get up till 11. I made myself breakfast, got to do my business in a portable toilet, and had a decent place to change clothes. When I finally came outside, my sister looked pissed.

The entire time we were camping, stuff went on like this. But they couldn't mess with me when I locked myself in a box. I got good sleep for once on these trips, and my nephews were always wanting to hang out in my camper. We played UNO at the table a few times.

And I had a refrigerator filled with soda. When the trip was over, my sister confronted me and said that next time she was making a tents-only rule. And I said I wouldn't be going then because my camper and I are a package deal. She told me she hated the camper and that it wasn't necessary.

I said she only hated it because she can't mess with me now that I have it. I was sick of all the stupid pranks. And if they want me to help with the kids on camping trips, then my camper comes with, and they stop messing with me. She called me a jacka&^ and walked away to fume.

The only other person who's giving me cr&p is her husband. But everyone else says the camper is cool. AITA for getting it?

OP provided an update:

I've shown this post to my sister and brother-in-law. They weren't happy. Frankly, they were pissed. But they spent some time reading comments and are now extremely embarrassed. They've agreed that if I keep camping with them to help with the kids, there will be no more pranking me.

They and their friends are free to prank each other, but I and my camper are off-limits to their shenanigans. Especially after I pointed out that if they cause any sort of damage, it'll be on them financially.

What's more, when they learned it's a potential criminal offense to rock my camper the way they did because it can cause injury. So they said they'd never try that again. They're also not gonna do the airhorn anymore for obvious reasons.

My sister is actually very upset that so many here called her out as a bully. Especially since I agreed with them. When I asked her why she was so dead set on messing with me, she said she really didn't know. I told her that it didn't really matter. Bullying is bullying.

And we're not kids anymore. My brother-in-law initially defended her but was sucked into it as well for always going along with her antics. To which I called him a complete tool. He's currently moping about it. He and my sister are both extremely upset to have been called out as acting like kids, or actually more like a drunken frat. They were especially sore when I pointed out we're not young anymore.

I'm actually the younger sibling. My sister is 35 and brother-in-law 36. The arguments did start out with things like "Why can't you just lighten up!" and me saying "Why can't you just respect my choice to stay out of the pranking and leave me the hell alone!". And it remained a stalemate until my sister and brother-in-law went through all of the comments.

On top of all that, I think I may have started a camper trend. Because at least one of the couples my sister and brother-in-law are close friends with are in the market for one now too since they have a GMC Sierra. That'll haul one just fine. The days of tents-only camping may actually be over.

Lastly, there is my mother. She was the most unhappy finding out about this post. But I told her I really didn't care what she thought because she insisted I keep going on the camping trips despite the relentless pranking because "THE CHILDREEEEN!". I called her out that if she was so concerned with that, she'd have gone too.

She's retired and has plenty of time on her hands. And then she whined that she hates camping. And I sarcastically nodded and said "You see! Now you get how I felt!". She hasn't apologized but did admit I was right.

I'm still gonna be doing camping because what's the point of having a camper if I don't use it. But it's more for myself now. I'll go on my own time. And if I go with my sister and brother-in-law again, they aren't allowed to mess with me. Thank you everyone here for all your input. It's really been a game-changer.

OP provided another update:

It's been around two years, and I'm back. I guess you could call this half an update, half a new situation. I posted before about my sister and her husband pranking me relentlessly while we were camping together, and I bought a cabover camper that kept me safe from their shenanigans.

I used to not like camping much. But since getting the camper, I've enjoyed it quite well. I had solar panels installed on it and put in a small TV that I play retro video games on. My nephews love the camper too, so much that even my sister and BIL begrudgingly gave up tents last year because of how much their kids said they didn't want to sleep in tents anymore.

I guess you could say they were the last in the group to do so. Rather than a cabover, they got a camper trailer since they have an SUV. Their friends all got campers before them too. Pretty much every single person who was in the yearly tent camping friend group now has campers of varying sorts.

It ended up being like a keep-up-with-the-Joneses mentality. I got a camper, and then someone else did. And then someone else after that. And now it's all of them. I guess you could say it's more like we're all glamping now. But we love it. Until we hear one of the campers rocking at night anyway.

That's when the earplugs come in handy. Even my mother, who previously hated camping and had forced me to go all those times just to babysit the drunks, now has a camper. She got a little one-person teardrop camper that tows behind her Subaru with ease.

And she loves a quiet night laying in it and reading her favorite books. She mainly comes along for the sake of my nephews though, because she kept putting it on me before, and I called her out for it.

My sister was initially a bit of a witch about the situation, though. She had some sort of crazy idea that she was in charge when we went camping. And my BIL just went along with it. To which I called him a tool. Well, once the camper craze hit, the following summer it was half campers, half tents. And my sister told me it was all my fault that things had changed.

I told her to stop acting like she was half her age and move on. Besides, this only started because I just wanted peace, and had to buy a camper just to get it. Had they respected me instead of treating me like a target, maybe things would still be as they were. She tried to argue further, but I threatened to make a spectacle of the situation if she didn't let it go.

Later I heard it was quite a scuffle between my sister and BIL when he finally said they needed a camper too. Boy do I wish I could have been a fly on the wall for that. But it worked because now they have a small camper trailer. An 80s model, I think. BIL bought it with some damage and fixed it up himself. Though unlike me, they don't allow video game systems in their camper. So the kids come to me a lot.

Near the end of last July, my sister asked me to set aside time off work to go on one more camping trip in early September before school started for her kids. And I agreed, albeit reminding her that I wanted no pranks done to me. And she made it pretty clear she was still unhappy and that I'm a spoil sport about it. But what could she do?

It didn't end well for her after making my last post. None of the people in the group have tried to mess with me while trying to reclaim their frat youth since they were called out as bullies two years ago. Funny thing is, having campers now is actually making them act a bit more their age when they drink.

And I'm pleased to say I haven't seen any of them so crazy that they're running around in their underwear and yelling out random nonsense anymore. But they still say and do stupid sh^t. And while I don't enjoy those shenanigans, I do like the drinking games, the campfires, the barbecue, the marshmallows, etc. It's a nice escape from my home life.

It was getting chilly early last year in our area with fall making its way in a little sooner than expected. So the last few days before school started, we had mild rain and temps in the mid-60s during the day, and even colder at night. Fine with me, I have a propane buddy heater. So I wasn't cold. But bragging about the heater was what drew in a wild Karen.

I'd never before met one on this level. I mostly just read about them online. But by God, she was just like the ones I've heard so much about. She didn't really have the Karen look though. She had long shoulder-length brown hair, maybe late 30s to early 40s, and was a bit thicc. But man did she have a mean look about her that just made me wanna turn and go the other way.

The campsite we went to had a small vendor store at it that sold basic supplies and some foods. I rode in on my old MTB and bought a soda. I'd met another guy while out riding on the trails, and he had a crazy bike made out of a vintage beach cruiser I learned was called a Klunker. He was very specific it was spelled with a K. And he told me he builds Klunkers for fun out of his garage and gives them away.

We were having fun talking about bikes, but then we started feeling the soft patter of rain, and the evening chills were coming in. The guy I rode with said it was going to suck sleeping that night since he was camping in the canopy of his truck. I remarked I'd be warm because I have a portable propane heater. And how I just need to turn it on for an hour before bed and I sleep nice and toasty.

Then some lady I'd never met before stepped in front of us and asked me about my heater. I quickly described what it was, how much it was, and where to get one before moving along. But this woman started following me. I locked my bike and then ended up face to face with this lady like when Victor turned and was face to face with the Corpse Bride.

She was suddenly asking to borrow my heater and coming closer at the same time. I got really awkward, and tried to get her to let it go. But being polite got me nowhere. The lady kept stepping in front of me, and was whining about how it was colder and wetter than expected. And she and her kids couldn't go home for two more days.

I just told her sorry, and ran around her to my camper. But she kept following, and was berating me that I have no compassion for a mother. Inside the camper, my two nephews were in there playing Mario Kart Double Dash on a Gamecube I'd brought, and the woman instantly became furious about my setup.

She refused to let me close the door and yelled that I might as well just be at home if this was the kind of camping I'm doing. Then she actually tried to force her way in while yelling something about me being entitled, and had it too good while her kids didn't hardly have anything. I blocked the way in and nearly shoved her out with my foot.

Now, enter my mother. She's a bit of a Karen in her own right, but most definitely a mamabear too. She saw enough of what happened to interject before I got the chance to push the lady out. My mother yelled at her to get away from her son and grandbabies.

The two of them had an epic screaming match that my sister soon joined in on until a few more people in our camping group showed up and began laying into that lady too. Realizing how outnumbered she was, the Karen took off. She didn't bother us again.

One of the guys in our camping group was kinda upset by that because he was keeping a super soaker loaded and ready in case she did come back. I did see the Karen a couple more times around the area, but she avoided eye contact. I did see her campsite while riding my bike, and she had an ok looking tent, but her kids really didn't look happy.

I don't know what her story was or why she was stuck there. Maybe she was temporarily without residence or something. I don't know. But I do know that she went way too far before when trying to get into my camper. Her problems weren't mine to solve.

Sadly, I didn't notice till right as we were all packing up to leave, but the tires on my bike had been slashed. I couldn't prove it was the Karen, but I'm pretty sure it was her. I fixed the bike easily enough. Just needed new tubes and tires.

But I was still mad. RIP that bike though because my neighbor's son who'd just got his driver's license ran it over last November. It was old anyway. My BIL gave me his old MTB to replace it, and I saved the new tires I bought for my old one to put on it. I waited all this time since the incident to post because I figured my sister would go looking here right away. Don't know whether she did or not. But it's here now.

Here are the top comments from the post:

CountNo3581 says:

Nothing I love more when escaping to the great outdoors than grown adults collapsing my tent and babysitting kids that aren’t my own while their parents get drunk. Hope OP experiences way more solo camping trips in the future.

ecdc05 says:

I live in an area with a ton of outdoor recreation. Like most things, the majority of people are cool but there are enough weirdos that they really stand out. And that’s especially true for camping weirdos.

Some people turn it into a competition for how diehard they are. Pfft, you stay at a cabin? We have a camper. Pfft, a camper? We sleep in a tent. Pfft, a tent, we sleep nude in a nest of fire ants…and so forth.

College_Prestige says:

PS2 and GameCube are retro consoles now. I feel old.

What do you think? Did OP do everything right?

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