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'AITA because I thought my wife was having an affair when she was helping my daughter? FINAL UPDATE'

'AITA because I thought my wife was having an affair when she was helping my daughter? FINAL UPDATE'


I thought my wife was having an affair turns out it was just my daughter.

The first portion of this story can be found here.

awk_throwaway2342351 writes:

I decided to just relax and really not try to jump to any conclusions through the weekend. Many of the points that were brought up did broaden my perspective, and some of the ones assuming infidelity (I won't lie) did get to me a bit, and I was running pretty high anxiety-wise.

Realizing, at this point, me, my wife, and my daughter - still aren't talking. Our home has suddenly become one of the most lonely, isolating, and awkward places in the world. Sunday night, while watching some basketball, I basically just thought to myself "I can't go on like this."

So, I went and talked to my daughter. I approached the conversation in a "You know you can talk to me about anything, and if you and your boyfriend were having issues, I would be glad to buy you guys more stuff."

My daughter just starts to seemingly break down, to an almost uncontrollable sob. I'll be honest, I thought at this point she was going to inform me on some serious medical issues or something.

Once she calmed down, she basically says that she's taken some of the Vitamin D and Zinc before, but has never taken any of the Lubracil or Black Cohosh. I look at her with that "do you realize what that may mean" kind of look, and we just hugged and cried together.

I've spoken to some of my friends who have gone through similar things and have gotten advice from lawyering up and divorcing my wife right away - to marriage counseling and fighting for the 25 years we've been together.

At the moment, I'm not going to do anything. Need a bit more time to think, need to talk to my wife and really find out what's going on. This is probably the last update from me, as when I first came to Reddit this was just a silly fight between me and my wife.

Now it's progressed to a place that it's feeling a bit too private for me to share, and the above update was a bit tougher to write. Thank you again for all your comments and perspective - you all have helped me see something that I was blind (or refusing) to see.

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5amcreature says:

There is the possibility that your wife needs the supplements for her own general comfort. I'm not at menopausal age, however do have medical conditions that can cause vaginal dryness, and it can range from uncomfortable to actually painful. It's personal and can be a very touchy subject.

Not to mention the mood swings that come with menopause. Not saying cheating is completely out of the question, just saying there are other possibilities.

chefkimberly says:

Those two supplements are for menopause. Your wife may just be embarrassed that she has started menopause. She may be fearful that you will no longer find her desirable because she has started menopause. Step back a bit before you jump off that high board.

HotdogbodyBoi says:

You’re divorcing your wife for going through menopause?

What do you think? Is OP divorcing his wife for having menopause?

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