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'I told my friend's mom that she's trying to get pregnant with her 'loser' BF, AITA?'

'I told my friend's mom that she's trying to get pregnant with her 'loser' BF, AITA?'


Getting pregnant is a big life decision between two people. There are many questions to ask, like can you afford a child? Are you ready to raise a human? Do you want a kid? How would you respond if your friends tried to get involved because they didn't think you were ready for a child?

On a popular Reddit thread in the Am I the A**hole Subreddit, a woman takes matters into her own hands when she finds out her friend is trying to get pregnant.

She writes:

I'm 21(F) my friend is 20(F). We have been friends for ten years. Our families are very close. She tends to fall in love with every guy she dates and tends to become toxic. She will date any guy who gives her attention, and her relationships don't tend to last very long, often with her being far more into the relationship than the guy.

She ended up meeting this guy online like five months ago. He's 27, lives three hours away with his mother, and is a loser. She drives to see him every couple of weeks. We were hanging out last week, and she mentioned that she had gotten her period. I said, 'that sucks...' and she said, 'you have no idea. My boyfriend and I are trying to have a baby!'

I was like, 'wtf?!' and she goes into this elaborate fantasy about how they are going to live with his mom to save money to buy a house while she is pregnant, and they are going to get married, and how bad his mom wants grandkids. I went over the million reasons this is a horrible idea with her, and she had a reply for everything and didn't want to hear it.

Now, she also lives at home, and it's her mom's car that she drives to see him, so I told her mom. Her mom got into it with her, culminating with her mother taking her car away. I didn't want to tell on her, but I also couldn't just let her do it.

The internet is happy to chime in on this situation:

MommyLovesPot8toes says:

NTA (Not the A**hole). It sounds like your friend may have some mental health issues, honestly. To decide to have a kid, under those circumstances is, frankly, insane. And given that she doesn't live on her own and doesn't support herself, her reckless decision would have affected more people than just her.

Bringing in her mom was the right choice. No different than if you found out your friend was self-harming or suicidal. This was above your pay grade as a friend, and another trusted person was needed to help your friend see sense.

YogurtclosetMiddle17 says:

NTA. You’re preventing a child from being harmed. That’s ultimately the only thing that matters here. She doesn’t have the resources or the maturity to be a mother, and as you’ve stated, he doesn’t sound like a good parent either. Honestly, her feelings are not important here. She’s about to inflict harm on an innocent baby. You’ve done a great thing and hopefully prevented her from ruining someone’s life.

kistner says:

YTA (You're the A**hole). But it's probably good that you are, lol. Yes, it was wrong, but I agree with you. Your friend sounds Immature and is living in some crazy fantasy world.

OP, you're looking out for your friend. She may not see it now, but one day she'll thank you.

Sources: Reddit
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