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'AITA for telling my in-laws the truth after they begged me to get back with their son?'

'AITA for telling my in-laws the truth after they begged me to get back with their son?'


"AITA for telling my in laws that my husband cheated and got someone else pregnant?"

Big_Junket_8702 writes:

My husband has this female "friend" that always made me uneasy. She would never respect boundaries, and when we first started dating, she told everyone I was with him for his money. My husband makes significantly more than I do, but he does not give me any money. We split the bills equally, and we both buy food. I take care of food for the baby and pay for all expenses of my oldest child, who is not his.

Over the past 7 years, I have experienced this lady spreading rumors and being disrespectful. I spoke to my husband about it, who said that's petty ladies' issues. He refused to set boundaries, and I had to set his friend straight a couple of times.

Recently, the smear campaign by this woman started all over again when we bought a house. She told everyone that I didn't invest in our new home. So I had to confront her and set the record straight. She called him and told him I was rude to her, and he was upset.

A week ago, he came home visibly stressed and anxious. I asked him if he was okay, and he told me we would talk when the kids went to bed. Later on that night, he told me that he had a moment of weakness with his friend, and now she is pregnant and he doesn't want to lose his family.

I was so shocked and betrayed that I began to cry. He kept saying how sorry he was and how he doesn't want to lose his family. I didn't respond but just went to my toddler's room and locked the door.

The next morning, I called into work and got some time off. I took the kids and went to my father's house. I told him everything, and he was upset. My husband went home and didn't meet me there. He kept blowing up my phone, but I blocked him.

This afternoon, his parents showed up at my father's home, begging me to go back home and end the petty disagreement. I was so upset I yelled that he is a f^%&ing cheater who has a baby on the way.

His parents were shocked and asked me to explain, and I did. His mother was visibly upset, and his father told me not to worry, he would handle everything. Since then, my husband has been using several numbers to contact me. He said I was wrong to tell his parents.

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TarzanKitty says:

OP, make sure you get your child support order before she does. If she gets hers first. She will get the lion’s share of child support. It doesn’t matter which child was born first. It matters which one got the first CS order. The second order will be significantly less and so on.

Emotional_Turnip12 says:

NTA (Not the A^&#ole). He obviously was cheating for a very long time. And not only that, he cared more about this woman’s feelings than his own wife. He obviously preferred her over you, and now that he realizes he messed up he wants you back? He can have that piece of trash. No real woman will go to the lengths she did to offend you and your relationship over any man.

Ok_Concentrate875 says:

NTA he should know he f%^@ed up. if you didn’t tell them then he probably would’ve lied about why you left. I’m sorry this is happening.

TraditionalStable431 says:

Highly doubt this was just a momentary lapse of judgement. They’ve been f^#%ing the whole time and it won’t stop. Hubby wants to have his cake and eat it too.

ERVetSurgeon says:

NTA. They needed to be told. They also need to understand what a complete a^#%ole they raised. File for divorce asap. He should also get a paternity test done on the AP baby.

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