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'AITA for kicking my sister and her new BF out of the cookout after he made rude comments?'

'AITA for kicking my sister and her new BF out of the cookout after he made rude comments?'


:AITA for telling my

Silly_Emu9279 writes:

My sister Nicole (34) brought her new boyfriend, Steve, to our family cookout yesterday. It's for about 30 people. For the sides, everyone brought in sides; my sister brought one bag of store-brand potato chips, and Steve helped himself to beer right away before being introduced to everyone.

We are having hamburgers and hot dogs and just hanging out with the family. It's nothing fancy. Steve asks, “Is this it?” after the first plate of hot dogs is done and waiting on the round of hamburgers.

My wife says there will be hamburgers soon, and Steve tells my wife and sister about his family and how they have” BBQ chicken, steak, shrimp, and many options.” I picked up the plate of hotdogs and told Steve he could leave and go to his family BBQ instead.

He just looked at me and drank his beer, and I told him and my sister to go since this wasn't good enough for Steve. I gave my sister the store-brand photo chips she brought back and told her to get out.

My sister and Steve left, and the cookout was fine after that. My mom heard about me kicking them out and was mad at me and told me to apologize to my sister. Maybe there was a misunderstanding, but Steve was just an a%^&ole commenting like that at someone’s house and the first time you meet their family.

My wife thinks I was right because Steve acted like that in her home, and insulting the host is a good reason to be kicked out. Others are split about 50/50 when they heard about what happened.

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wykkedfaery33 says:

"Mom, you're more than welcome to let (sister's name) boyfriend insult you in your home, but he won't be doing it in mine."

rationalboundarie says:

NTA (Not the A%@$ole). Why would you put up with this nonsense at your own home? I dont understand anyone who thinks you went too far. Do they think this jacka^@ would have stopped at just 1 comment? Hell, no. As host, you ensured your other 30 guests wouldnt be subjected to entitled, passive aggressive bulls^%t.

SheiB123 says:

NTA. They brought a bag of chips, drank beer they didn't provide, and thought you were cheap?!? Rude, entitled, and deserved the treatment they received. Anyone who thinks you were wrong can invite them to their next party.

Plenty_Carrot7973 says:

Short, sweet, and to the point; I like it. May be considered an act of a^@$olery, but certainly justified. NTA.

November-8485 says:

NTA. If they wanted it to be more than that, maybe they should have brought more than a bag of chips.

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