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'AITA for wanting my pregnant GF to get a paternity test to prove I'm the father?'

'AITA for wanting my pregnant GF to get a paternity test to prove I'm the father?'


AITA for insiting my girlfriend gets a paternity test before I sign up as the kid's father?

Old-Tax3173 writes:

My girlfriend and I practice ENM (ethical non-monogamy). We aren't saying it's right for everyone, but it works for us. I work in town and have several partners for when she is working.

She works on a huge construction project on the west coast and flies home for one week after working for two. Since the men outnumber the women there like 30/1, she has no problems finding partners.

Recently, she has gotten pregnant. We are always careful and use protection, but I realize that isn't always 100% effective. I am excited about a baby and happy we are starting a family; however, I don't have any interest in paying to raise someone else's child.

I told her that we need to get a paternity test. She said that I was the father. I said that was awesome; I just needed proof. She said no. I said that without proof, I wasn't signing the birth certificate and that I would be moving out so I could not be said to have acted as a parent.

She thinks that because we are in a relationship, I need to step up. Like I said, I have no problem raising a child that isn't mine. I just won't pay for the privilege. AITA?

Here are the top comments from the post:

Mr_Pink_Gold says:

Narrator's voice: it is in fact not working for them.

LoadManagement6634 says:

How could you have this kind of relationship without having had a conversation about this already?

Top-Bit85 says:

It's not fair to anyone including the baby for the father to be unknown. This got messy.

PandaMime_421 says:

What do you think raising a kid means? Like you are going to play the Dad, but not spend any of your own money on the kid? Clearly the two of you should have communicated more before agreeing on ENM. This should have been one of the topics discussed and agreed upon at the very start.

What do you think?

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