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'I'm about to leak a video exposing my stepdad's erratic behavior. I don't feel guilty.' MAJOR UPDATE

'I'm about to leak a video exposing my stepdad's erratic behavior. I don't feel guilty.' MAJOR UPDATE


Seeing someone you love return to someone who hurts them is beyond horrible.

In a popular post on the True Off My Chest subreddit, a teen shared their plan to expose their stepdad to the public, for who he really is. They wrote:

"I'm about to leak a video of my stepdad and I'm not guilty."

My mum has recently gotten back with her ab*sive partner. She won't listen to anything anyone says: including her kids, family and friends. And when we try to say something she acts like we are in the wrong. They have gotten back together 5 times and I'm so sick of it; having to listen to the constant arguing and ab*se. Today I just got recommended a bunch of videos I forgot I had!

It's of my stepdad ab*sing my mum, his son, and being abl*ist to my younger sister as well as him admitting to being on dr*gs and DUI. It is a compilation of many events ending up being over an hours worth of videos that I had taken before I gave up on trying to get my mum to see reason.

While the p*lice and my mother won't listen to me; I'm sure his family and workplace would LOVE to hear all about this! (especially when he;s been claiming to be clean for two years cough cough). I know my mother is going to hate me after this, but frankly? I don't care! If he hasn't done anything wrong, why does this video change any of that? Thanks for listening! Make sure to keep his downfall in your prayers.

The internet was fully in OP's corner.

Calgary_Calico wrote:

Make backup copies of the videos and hide whatever they're on. You want as many as possible. Out then on flash drives, external hard drives, whatever you got. It's always good to have backups. Have the p*lice seen these videos? If not take one of your copies into a piece station and explain the situation. If you have actual proof they may be able to do something about it.

And BE CAREFUL. He's physically ab*sive, on hard dr*gs and drinks at the same time he's completely unpredictable and could try to seriously hurt you if he thinks he'll lose everything because of you (it would be your fault in his mind that his life is effectively over).

Dontripinbox wrote:

Please, As other commenters have said, make sure you are in a safe position to do this. I agree he should be held accountable & it's a very brave thing you're doing. I just worry that the drugs, alc*hol, vi*lence, unpredictability e.t.c. could end up creating a very bad situation for you.

I assume you're late teens, living at home and wouldn't want to stay with friends and leave your family alone with him; but it might be best. Good luck.

usernameisusedd wrote:

Make as many copies as possible and hide them. Be very careful, especially because he is taking dr*gs and if mixed with alcohol, can make him more ab*sive. This is how many true crime documentaries start out because people hold grudges and want revenge, so please be super careful!! Best wishes.

ColdAnarchy wrote:

Be smart and be safe.

Seven months later, OP shared an update.

So, 212 days ago I made a post about posting videos of my stepdad admitting to ab*se among other things.

Honorary warning for ab*se, sorry it gets a bit dark (not a bad ending though, more a hopeful one).

I sent the video to his family a week after that post because I posted that as we were in the process of moving in with him (stupid timing I know), because I couldn't find a reliable way to contact his work. It all went south (as many of you predicted) his family did not give a single s**t.

Me and stepfather ended up getting into physical fights every other day, at least I can say for someone double my weight I was holding my ground pretty well. He started drinking a lot more and I started getting a lot more aggressive with him, practically goading him so he would leave my siblings alone. I kept this up for a good while before I woke up to my mum being ch*ked by him.

I ran out to try and stop him but I just blanked. I couldn't think on how to stop him, I was just panicking. He ended up stopping by himself, but I'm still afraid what would have happened if he didn't. I stopped provoking him then. I just left him alone and only interrupted if I believed someone was actively endangered.

We couldn't afford to move out and were afraid that he could take our stuff from us if we did legally and basically hold us there because we couldn't live otherwise. Two weeks ago we got in contact with a distant aunt of mine. She runs crisis homes for victims of domestic ab*se and community help centered places.

We didn't know any of that at first only that she knew people and might know a lawyer willing to help. She ended up offering to help us leave and get to one of her crisis homes and set us up with a lawyer. I'm so grateful for her. Me and my Mum usually despise being given charity but I don't know how much further this would have gotten if we didn't take it.

Soon we leave and we are NEVER going back. I still don't know if he will face consequences for how he has ruined us or if we will even get out unnoticed but I'm happy and hopeful for the first time in a while. If you have any questions or I missed something please ask; I want to give people information on how to get out even if it's just learning from my mistakes.

People were glad to hear OP is on their way to safety.

Baddibutsaddi wrote:

You are so brave for protecting your family. You said in your last post that your mom went back 5 times before, ae you sure she won't go back? What makes now different?

OP responded:

Before this it wasn't as physically aggressive and the terms of us staying at this crisis home is we aren't allowed to be in contact with him because we will be staying with other people escaping domestic ab*se, and I don't think my mum is heartless enough to subject the other women to him. I'm hoping these stakes are high enough that she can get her s**t together

TheHatOnTheCat wrote:

I'm so sorry you went through that, and so glad you escaped. You sound like a very brave young person, your younger siblings are lucky to have you.

Signal_Historain_456 wrote:

I’d really really really love to give you a hug. You’re so strong and I truly wish you the best.

Writerskilltrees wrote:

OP if you know the name of the place he works you can go on their website and find contact info for management and send the videos there.

Hopefully, OP and their mom are soon safe and sound - far away from that man.

Sources: Reddit
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