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'AITA for intentionally profiting off my sister's wedding?' 'My parents will do anything for her.'

'AITA for intentionally profiting off my sister's wedding?' 'My parents will do anything for her.'


"AITA for intentionally profiting off my sister's wedding?"

My sister was born quite weak and it's a miracle she survived. My parents will do anything for her. Me not so much. She isn't the golden child. I am not the glass child. My parents gave me lots of attention and love. They just gave into her a lot.

And they still do. We are both getting married. It wasn't a competition she didn't get her boyfriend to propose because mine did. It is just how it worked out. I knew what would happen and I planned ahead.

I booked an incredibly popular and expensive venue here in town. I did so almost a year in advance. My fiance and I had been talking about it for a while and we got engaged. Honestly it is not our style at all.

When I told my sister where we were getting married she did exactly what I knew she would. She went to our parents to get them to pressure me to give up my venue.

But they went against what I thought and actually told her no. I thought I was screwed. But my sister came through. She threw a tantrum. Her fiance and his family offered to pay for my honeymoon if I let them have the venue and postponed my wedding.

Do you guys know Br'er Rabbit? We thought about it. And we agreed. So we are having our wedding at an old trading fort in our city. It will be small and all we really wanted.

With her big lavish wedding tomorrow, we are waiting until next spring which was always our plan. My fiance feels guilty about what I did. I just expected to trade with my sister for some stuff I wanted for our wedding which I got. She is happy with the deal, so I think it's win win.

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

Regular-Switch454 said:

It’s evil-genius-level manipulation. I have no problem with what you did. NTA.

JuliaX1984 said:

NTA Tell your fiance to get over it and stop feeling sorry for a grown woman who still throws tantrums.

TrueOkra_5591 said:

NTA. Wow. This HAS to turn into a 90 minute feature rom com at the VERY least.

manik_502 said:

NTA. You are a genius! No, you are not the AH. Your sister is manipulative and you knew it. Instead of getting upset about her trying to take what's yours. You used that to your advantage.

It's amazing xd Some people want something blue, some other something borrowed. She wanted something stolen from you. So you just gave her what she wanted. Well done.

aries_inspired said:

NTA. Chaos would have ensued no matter if you did anything or nothing at all. Instead, you chose the path for the chaos to your own advantage. Good on you! Tbh, if your family follow any stereotypes, even if you tried to admit it, they would ignore your admission and still claim that they got your venue.

Good_Ad6336 said:

NTA. Just make sure that the honeymoon is confirmed with your details and paid for and if anyone asks why you are not upset, “all that matters to me is that I marry my fiancé."

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