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'AITA for kicking out my husband's mistress and newborn, making them homeless?'

'AITA for kicking out my husband's mistress and newborn, making them homeless?'


"AITA for kicking out my common-law husband's mistress and newborn, making them homeless?"

My husband and I, 40f and 41m, have been together for 10 years, but never married. I consider them years to be very loving and happy, but apparently not for him since he had a side piece obviously. I make furniture and make around €1M a year. We are considered common-law husband and wife because of the time we've been living together.

My husband is a teacher. It goes without saying that I provide for us. I don’t ask what he does with his salary. We live way below our means because we are both minimalists, but we have a big house, nice cars and lots of art. Everything we own is mine, to be clear.

Apparently he met his this women (f25) under false pretenses, and told her that we were legally married, so he owned 1/2 my company and everything else I own. When she got pregnant he started spending his salary on her (I wasn’t alarmed because I didn’t know what he did with his money).

Now he is in Dubai on vacation and her lease on her apartment expired so she just showed up at my door with her baby. She told me she was his GF and that he was getting a divorce so she might as well live in his house and I could live in a hotel because I could afford it.

She didn’t have any money or home. She literally refused to step out so I called the police and locked myself in the greenhouse. When the police came she was literally unpacking the child’s clothes in the living area. They escorted her out. I was very shaken. Later I found out all the details I included above.

My husband’s mother thought I was an AH for kicking out a little baby on the street. That was her only grandson. She said I used my money and power to control everything around me.

But honestly, teachers make €60k a year, so if, as I found out later, he gave her his salary I can’t understand why she would be so homeless and destitute? She had big designer bags, designer stroller and these Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry when she showed up to my home. But now I am the AH?

I really hated the idea of a baby being homeless and I truly contemplated letting her be in the guest house but honestly I was terrified of her. 😅

Here's what people had to say to OP:

If your mother in law is so concerned about the baby, she can take them in? 🤷🏼‍♀️

MonthFar2068 OP responded:

She said she couldn’t because she lives in a studio apartment

This is not your problem, it is your ex-partner's problem.

NTA pack his s$#%^ and put it in the front yard when you know he’s landed and on his way to the house and let his mommy know to come get his cheating a&^ from your house. Did his mom know about the GF and baby before she turned up at your house?

MonthFar2068 OP responded:

No idea. Wow never thought about this! I assumed she only knew after I called her. But probably she did already.

She knew he was married. Thought so at least.

OP responded:

It was important to her that he was married. Because then he could get half

Mini Update from OP:


He wants to take an early plane home to explain. What is there to explain? He said she tricked him into getting pregnant. I know that hates children but How do you trick people into having children? So many questions and absolutely no desire for getting any answers. I feel only emptiness

Can’t be “tricked” into pregnancy if you’re not sticking things where it doesn’t belong. NTA

OP responded:

Exactly! How do you get tricked into pregnancy if you don’t cheat?

He probably means she baby trapped him as she thought he was rich rich! I love these stories when the AP finds out that its actually the wife who has the money & not the man they’re cheating with!

We are absolutely begging for updates on this when that cheating ho ex-husband returns. I really wanna know what other derange deluded nonsense he conjures up. I absolutely live for stupid asf lies.

OP responded:

I don’t know if I ever want to see him again.


Dump the guy and change your home locks. If he's on any of your accounts, kick him off. Cancel any joint credit cards, bc you're obviously the one paying (how else could she have so much). Time for you to MOVE on

OP responded:

He is only on credit cards that I have canceled

You need to change the locks and remove his name on any insurance policies and documents that could grant him access to your property or bank accounts .

OP responded:

We are note from the states. My assets are well protected or he would probably have left me and taken his shares already.

I am going to gather all his things and send him to his mother. What is left are my things: he has no right to that. And things we bought while living together: 50/50 no matter who payed.

All gifts no matter how expensive belong to the receiver, like his car and pc, watches etc. I don’t mind. My art/etc are protected by signed agreements that protect our assets. Any money or savings are protected by agreements.

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