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'AITA for laughing at my little sister when she asked for help with something I have offered to teach her?'

'AITA for laughing at my little sister when she asked for help with something I have offered to teach her?'


"AITA for laughing at my little sister when she asked for help with something I have offered to teach her numerous times before?"

I (38M) have a half-sister (27F). She and I have the same mom, but different dads. Neither of our dads have ever been very involved in our lives so I have kind of been the only male role model she's ever had. We never had much money growing up so I started taking odd jobs around 14-15 for extra spending money.

Yard work, paperboy, shoveling, etc. We lived in a smaller town and I ended up meeting a few middle-aged guys who were kind of do-it-all handymen and they took me under their wing. They taught me a lot about tools, cars, carpentry, you name it. I was never good in school but these two were a wealth of information and I was ate it up.

I worked hard in my 20s and was able to purchase my sis a cheap used car when she turned 16. I tried to teach her everything I felt she should know about basic car stuff but she had no interest whatsoever.

She just wanted to drive around with her friends. She would always say "Why do I need to know how to do ABC when I can just pay someone to do it?" No matter how many times I offered to show her how to change the oil or swap a tire, she never took me up on it.

She has since purchased a newer car of her own and I've helped her with a couple basic repairs to avoid having to bring it into a shop. Each time I offered to show her what, how, and why I'm doing something, but she refused to even attempt to learn. She is very much a "girly-girl" and has zero interest in that sort of thing.

Last Saturday, I got a call from her at about 10pm. She had just gotten off work and got a flat tire on her way home. She lives in the boonies and works 20 miles away and she was stranded about halfway home. It was also pouring rain.

She was upset because she didn't know what to do and wanted me to come help. Problem was, I had spent that evening drinking with some buddies and no way I was driving.

I told her she would have to either call a tow truck, roadside assistance, or wait there until morning when I could drive to her. None of these options were acceptable to her and she got pissed at me. She asked if I could talk her through changing a tire over the phone and I laughed. This made her even more pissed.

I told her I've offered over a dozen times to show her that sort of thing and she refused every single time. I told her I would gladly show her the next day, but no way am I trying to drunkenly talk her through it while she's upset and on a dark country road in the rain. She hung up but she did text me a few minutes later to tell me that a friend is coming to pick her up, "no thanks to me."

The next morning my mom called me and told me that little sis called her and told her what happened the previous night. She told me that she's disappointed in me for not helping my sister and that I shouldn't have laughed at her when she was upset because it only made things worse.

Shortly after, little sis texted me that I was a jerk for not doing more to help and that laughing at her when she was in trouble was an ahole thing to do.

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