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'AITA for leaving my family on mother's day to go camping by myself?'

'AITA for leaving my family on mother's day to go camping by myself?'


"AITA for leaving my family on mother's day to go camping by myself?"


I have a husband and two teenage sons. Every mother's day morning, they ask me what I want to do. They don't make any plans ahead of time and then they expect me to come up with something last minute. It's not like I don't give them hints or suggestions ahead of time, they just don't seem to want to bother with it.

On top of that, when they do go out with me, they complain the whole time and try to get home as fast as they can. Often times, they complain about my selections to the point where I just choose something else to make them happy.

Well this past weekend, my husband asked me what I wanted to do for mother's day this year. I told him some of my ideas, such as hiking or pickleball. He proceeded to roll his eyes and say "Great. There goes my whole weekend."

That's it. I give up. If they don't care about spending time with me then I don't care either. I decided to go do what I want, alone with my dog. I'm going camping so i can go trail running and fishing, some of my favorite hobbies.

I already reserved a spot at a state park, 5 hours away from my home, for mother's day. I'm going to pack up and leave first thing in the morning. Oh and I'm also buying myself my own gift so I get exactly what I want. Last year they gave me a thigh master.

I told my youngest son about going camping solo and he was very excited that he won't have to do anything this weekend. But then he told my husband my plansand he got pretty angry at me. He shut down and has been giving me the silent treatment since, stomping around the house sulking.

I can't help but feel like I'm robbing them of their chance for mothers day by being dramatic or expecting too much. But my feelings have been hurt too many times by their carelessness and I am over it.

I was thinking of telling them that they are welcomed to go eat at whatever restaurant they want to on mother's day in my honor. That seems to be the only part of the day they like anyway. Am I the in the wrong or am I a bad mom for going off on my own for Mother's Day because I'm sick of my family acting like it's just some giant painful chore?

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You are NTA and I am sure you deserve some peace and quiet.


OP is robbing them of their chance for mothers day... of ruin mothers day because they are AH who cannot think about OP for a day. Also, is OP hubby a teen? Why is he throwing a temper tamtrum instead of being an adult, admit he ruins every single mothers day for OP, is his and his children fault that OP needs to get away from them on mothers dat to have a decent time?

And I am sure is not the only thing he ruins for OP. OP, take that time alone, away from them to reflect a little about it, about him, his behavior and your situation. You deserve better.


NTA. You should tell them this. Send them a link to your post or write a letter. They should know how they make you feel and the reason you’re going away. Sure it won’t be fun to drop that bomb on them but it’s way past time to bring them to reality. Your husband especially. He’s old enough to know better.

Husband is upset anyway. You might as well give him the news and let him brew over the weekend. Kids are probably just dumb. If you don’t tell/show them what is expected/wanted how the hell would they know?

Maybe they can figure it out but are their parents really showing them that they should try? You’re silent about it. Husband is modeling the opposite behavior all together. Just blow it up and go camping.


Husband is mad because his absolute minimum effort isn’t being lauded with a Nobel peace prize.


NTA of course. It’s your day. Make it what you want. But, I get the impression that you’re married to a well poisoner. Your husband sounds like a real peach! Is he always this rude?

I respectfully put forth that your husband is the asshole and that he’s turned your sons into jerks. You may have time to save the sons from the influence of old Paps, but maybe you’re just over it.

In which case, warn them that girls they want to date may not be so accommodating of their rude behavior like you are to their dads behavior, and if they want to practice some love and empathy…now would be a great time to build up those habits.


NTA. Tell your husband to Grow Up. Mother's Day is your day, he gets to choose on Father's Day. If you want to go camping on your own, go and enjoy yourself. They don't need you to tell them to eat at a restaurant, they can make that decision for themselves, if they want.


NTA. You have a husband problem. Your teenage sons have seen how he treats you, not to mention they’re in their prime of “why do I want to hang out with my mom/dad/parents?” Your sons are exhibiting semi “normal” teenage behavior but also behavior taught to them.

If your husband is so petty he has to sulk, let him. Don’t let it ruin YOUR plans to treat yourself and relax. Maybe before you leave you can even find a way to express how his behavior is unloving and he can think on it.

So, what do you think about this one? If you could give the OP any advice here, what would you tell them?

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