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'AITA for leaving my ex to sit and take care of his child and taking a business class upgrade to myself?'

'AITA for leaving my ex to sit and take care of his child and taking a business class upgrade to myself?'


"AITA for leaving my ex to sit and take care of his child and taking a business class upgrade to myself?"

I (30f) have been dating "Matt" (33m) for about a year. Matt has a kid "Alex" from his first relationship, the kid is under 2yo. Every now and then I used to look after Alex when Matt was at work (we don't live together but they stay at mine every now and then).

We decided to go on holiday for 10 days at the start of May and due to some family drama Alex had to go with us. The flights were over 8 hours long and I have booked the tickets for all of us.

During the flight and the holiday I have spent nearly all my time was spent looking after Alex while Matt had the time of his life. Some things came to my attention (he was still seeing his ex) which resulted in us breaking up at the end of our stay.

On the flight back we were all sitting together and a flight attendant approached us and asked my ex if he wanted an upgrade to the business class. Before he could say anything I have mentioned it was me who bought the tickets and used my own account to pay for them, so an upgrade should go to me.

The flight attendant was trying to argue at first as she assumed Alex was my child, but I told her that's not the case, and ended up having an upgrade so I can relax after spending all this time looking after Alex.

After the flight Matt, a few other passengers who assumed I am the mum as well as some family members and friends called me an ahole for not giving the upgrade to Matt, even after I have mentioned the flight attendant didn't say anything about Alex being allowed to join Matt.

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

DamnDamnDamnDamnDa said:

NTA. Damn OP that sucks, paying for a fligth, in a breakup, taking care of a child on YOUR vacation. You by no means are the ahole, hell the audacity of the ex is unbelivable.

It just pisses me off so much that i cant even begin to imagine your frustraion. Honestly, i would say move on but you seem to already be doing that so i got nothin else to say. Oh and btw the real ahole is the ex.

Sweet-Interview5620 said:

NTA I would clearly have stated loudly to anyone commenting “I’m not even related to the kid or the dad, I’m just the idiot that was used to pay for the trip and then had this child dumped on me the whole time. I’m not even in a relationship with this dead beat. So never make judgements when you don’t have a clue."

Outrageous-Ad-9635 said:

NTA. I love the symbolism of you going on to better things and leaving him behind to deal with his own life. Haters gonna hate. You go girl.

justnorse said:

NTA - there is no reasonable univers in which you are an AH here. It is his child, and with no obligation you'd already done a lot for and with the kid. From what you write it is very hard to understand why anyone would think you made the wrong move here.

Glittering_Mouse2728 said:

NTA. He is the father, he is the one who should take care of his kid. You don't even live together.

Intrepid_Respond_543 said:

NTA, and why wouldn't you be allowed to use the upgrade even if you were the mom?!

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this plane drama?

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