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Bride furious brother skipped her wedding for birth of his daughter. AITA?

Bride furious brother skipped her wedding for birth of his daughter. AITA?


Wanting your family to attend your wedding is normal. Expecting them to miss the birth of their child to attend your wedding on the other hand...

Reddit user u/throwaway22181702 was livid that her brother missed her wedding day because he wanted to witness his daughter's birth instead.

Now, she's asking the internet, 'AITA (Am I The A**hole) for being upset that my brother bailed on my wedding last minute?'

She writes:

Me (29F) and my husband Rick (40M) got married last week. My brother Jack (33M) was supposed to be a groomsman and everything was set and arranged.

Background: Jack had a ONS with a girl Amanda, she contacted him saying she was pregnant. Me/our family tried to discourage him from staying in touch with her in case this was all a scam, but he didn't listen to a word (he never does) and was okay with all this.

I haven't met Amanda but our parents have, and mom said that she was cold and didn't talk much. There was a paternity test done and Jack is the dad.

So Amanda went into labor the night before our wedding. Jack of course dropped everything to go to the hospital. Now, I get that he wanted to be there for the birth of his daughter, that's fine.

But , he literally called me up that night and said that he has to skip the wedding, apparently, Amanda wasn't doing so well (she's fine now) and he didn't know when the baby would be coming or something.

I was honestly floored. I told him that he could just come for the ceremony and leave after, he didn't have to stay for the reception. I even said that he didn't have to be a groomsman and just come as a guest later/leave earlier.

He said he wasn't sure but he'd try, but I told him that wasn't good enough and he has more care for this Amanda, who's not his wife, girlfriend, partner, etc than his own sister.

He pretty much cursed me out and didn't end up attending, and my parents kindly answered the awkward questions about where he was so I didn't have another thing to worry about. My sister Molly (27F) left early to go to the hospital, but other than that everything went well.

Neither my family nor Rick's are happy with what Jack did, not even sparing an hour or two for the wedding, but Molly's been on my back saying that we're horrible and I shouldn't have said that stuff to Jack on the phone. Molly does have a tendency to side with Jack on pretty much everything, but was I the AH?

This entitled bride got zero sympathies from Reddit. They all deemed her 'The A**hole' for demanding her brother skip out on the birth of his daughter to attend her wedding. I guess she expected his baby mama to just cross her legs until he was done with the buffet and the Chicken Dance, but alas, he decided to do the right thing and go to the hospital instead.

What do you think of this Bridezilla's behavior?

From YoshiPikachu

The audacity of you is absolutely astounding. You need to get over yourself big time. YTA!

From capmanor1755

Whoo hee! You win the a#$hole award!! He's a dude who had sex. He and the woman got pregnant. Your suggestion that he ghost her 'in case it was a scam' is wretched. She's not nobody. She may not be a fiance or a girlfriend but she's now the mother of his baby. That's a real big, life-changing, lifelong relationship.

She went into labor the night before your wedding. Damn right he was going to miss the ceremony. Giving birth and the aftermath is a 24-72 hour s&%t show. A big, risky, scary, and intense experience. You don't just duck out for a couple of hours midstream.

YTA. You might salvage this relationship if you hurl yourself at his feet with abject apologies but you'll probably never recover a relationship with her.

From TravellingReallife

Even if everything went perfectly well and it was the easiest birth ever: He wants and needs to stay to bond with his baby. The entitlement here is off the charts… YTA

From ughneedausername

You get to be disappointed your brother is missing your wedding. That’s totally fair. But to get mad that he’s missing it for his child’s birth? YTA here.

From MaystroInnis

I was present for my daughter's birth. I would've fought Wild African Hornets while naked and covered in honey to be at that birth.

I was blessed to hold her for a full hour while her mum recovered for the C-section. Its one of the most precious experiences I've ever had (tied with all the other precious moments I've had with her since) YTA, grow up

From ​​​​​​​ crystallz2000

Yeah, OP, YTA. No matter what the circumstances were, your wedding doesn't trump someone else's emergency. Apologize to your brother. Do some self-reflecting before you're completely cut out of his life.

From Standard-Park

YTA. He didn't 'ditch you' for Amanda, he wanted to be at the birth of his FIRST BORN CHILD. YTA, YTA, YTA... Get your head screwed on straight lady!

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