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Maid of Honor shares horror story of 'complete and total monster' bridezilla.

Maid of Honor shares horror story of 'complete and total monster' bridezilla.


While it might seem like your otherwise completely normal friend would never turn into a greedy and spoiled demon just because they're getting married, it can be hard to predict...

While most weddings run relatively smoothly, it's impossible to bring two sides of a family and all of their loved ones together for a once-in-a-lifetime, incredibly expensive event without a bit of drama. So, when a frustrated Maid of Honor decided to vent to gloriously petty 'Wedding Shaming' group of Reddit as a warning to future bridesmaids out there, people were eager to hear to juicy wedding gossip.

Dear Fellow Maids of Honor to Bridezillas...

You’re not alone! Last October, I was the MOH in one of my best friends of over 10 years’ wedding. During the last 5 mo before it, I witnessed her transform into a complete and total monster.

For context, I have been a bridesmaid in 4 weddings including this one and most were VERY lovely experiences that brought me closer to the bride, so this felt like a markedly different experience. Here are only some of the deets of this absolute dooooozy of horrible, entitled bridezilla behavior:

— 4 months prior to the wedding, texted me saying I was not a real Christian because of some political views I had.

— selected $400 bridesmaid dresses (pre-alterations) - of note, when she asked me to be MOH, we had an open discussion where I said that I was on a budget (I am in medical school + was a bridesmaid in another wedding a few months before hers). She subsidized some of the dress (which I was super grateful for!) but then continued to hold it over my head

— demanded we order very specific $90 shoes 3 months pre-wedding so they would be “broken in.”

At the time my financial aid was delayed and she proceeded to nag and nag me about them despite me telling her I could not afford them yet at the time.

She then shamed me in front of other bridesmaids at her dress fitting for not buying them yet (still 3 months out!) and said “fine I’ll just order them for you as long as you pay me back within 15 days.”

When I told her I still could not afford them and would buy them as soon as I could, she ignored me. I had to borrow money from my sister to pay her back.

— demanded us all to take off 2 work days for her 4-day bachelorette and then 3 days off for her wedding week. 1 of those days was dedicated to taking us to a super fancy nail salon where we were told what to get (specific color, brand) for $70 manis and pedis and then expected to pay without discussing this requirement beforehand.

When I originally said I would not be able to fly in until Friday due to my med school rotation schedule, she left a passive aggressive note in our excel spreadsheet saying “you need to change your flight to Wednesday,” which I stupidly proceeded to do to keep peace (this required an enormously long lengthy process of negotiating w my med school for 3 days off of a rotation, which is unheard of).

— at her bachelorette that I planned completely (and she never thanked me for), barged in on me crying in the bathroom (finally was breaking down from how unreasonable she had been AND my grandpa had just been hospitalized with Covid) and SCREAMED at me.

It was horrible and ended with her saying “f*ck you' which no one in my life has ever said to me.

She proceeded to not make eye contact with me for the whole weekend and made several nasty passive aggressive remarks about me and my family in front of everyone; meanwhile I was busy ushering her and her friends around to all the expensive bach activities that she had explicitly demanded.

— wrote me several of the most incredibly nasty, evil emails I have ever read after the bachelorette, despite me having reached out with an incredibly kind message stating “I love you so much and want to be there for you and [husband], but we need to talk about and work through everything that has happened because I am really hurt.”

Literally everyone in my life kept telling me to drop out of the wedding of this incredibly spoiled, entitled person. At the time, I was still in shock and didn’t want to ruin a decade long friendship by not showing up.

I guess I always expected a real apology, but ofc that never came - instead I got a 2-sentence long thank you note 6 months after the wedding, and we haven’t talked since. This changed me and I no longer accept disrespectful behavior from friends in my life.

To fellow maids of honor who have slowly been realizing they are working with a bridezilla, I would run - wish I had listened to people around me to drop out for my own dignity. I know wedding planning is stressful, but absolutely no one is entitled to treat their friends like poo. Thanks for the vent, Maid-of-Despair.

Since when does getting married mean forcing all of your friends to spend money they don't have on things they don't want?

Of course, the jury of wedding shamers had a lot to say about this one. While offering this ex-MOH some words of comfort, other scarred former Bridezilla victims shared the passive aggressive group chat memories that still haunt them.

TheBishesDaughter said:

Girl I lost a friendship over a bridezilla. I got called a c*** because I needed money for vet bills and was not willing to go 700 over budget for her bachelorette.

I am sad to lose someone who was a friend many years ago. But I did not let someone who was supposed to be a friend treat me so vile.

rosesarejess said:

Whoa. I hope she’s smart enough to reflect and have a healthy amount of shame for these shenanigans. Wtf happens to people?

Basic-Regret-6263 said:

Stress is great for letting you know who people really are. Gotta say, weddings tend to be at that 'turning adult ' time in life where you really get to see which of your friends are worth putting effort into keeping throughout the busy adult years, and which should be faded out.

Havishamesque said:

My best friend from high school - we’d always planned to be each others moh. Did all the work - listened to her cry about the catering that her friends mom was doing (she thought it was sh*t, and it was a gift). Dealt with the woman making her custom dress when she broke down and hated it.

Found the new dress. Bought an outfit for my 4 year old son, who was the pageboy. Couple of months out she tells me that I’ve got too fat, and she’s worried that it will ruin her pictures.

She asked her sister - who she’d never liked - to do it. I still had to go because of my son (I realize I should have told her to shove it) and I made a point to be in the back of any group pics.

After the wedding she kind of went nuts and kept yelling at me about me doubting her husband’s fidelity…I had no idea what she was talking about. I thought he adored her so I was so confused.

And we never spoke again. It seems now that he cheated (a lot, I came to find out) and is now with a much younger woman and has two very young children.

Ok_Adeptness3401 said:

Called you a fake Christian because you don’t have the same political views then proceeded to …check notes…act like a devil towards you. Mmmmm. And what’s with this 3-4 day bachelorette party trends that cost a small fortune?

I could never do that to people. You tried to patch up the relationship before the wedding because there clearly was a problem and she couldn’t be bothered. You’re better off without her. I’m sorry you went through that.

Mycabbageeesss said:

I had a friend who was a Bridezilla. I was her MOH and became pregnant after undergoing fertility treatments and multiple miscarriages. When I told her I was pregnant, she was not supportive of the pregnancy because having a pregnant MOH was not what she envisioned for her big day.

I should've left then, but we had been friends for over a decade, and she had always been so kind and genuine. I honestly thought it was just stress in the moment and let it go. Then, I began to have complications with my pregnancy. As this was going on, my phone rang off the hook with the Bride's demands.

She wanted me, as her MOH, to select the rest of the bridal party, the venue, the catering, and all vendors because 'the thought of doing it overwhelmed her'. I gently told her that it wasn't something that I was comfortable with and she would have to be the one to make the big decisions because that day was for her and her husband. She exploded on me.

Why did I have to be so difficult? Didn't I understand my job as a MOH? We got into a fight over it. When I told my husband about it, he told me to get out of that wedding party or charge a wedding planners fee because she was going to be a MASSIVE Bridezilla. I should've left then, but I didn't.

A few weeks later, my pregnancy complications worsened and her demands increased. My doctor told me that I would have to go on bed rest if I wanted to keep my pregnancy.

I made the decision to leave the wedding party to reduce my stress and restore my sanity. At that point, nothing had been done for the wedding because the bride couldn't decide on a venue she liked, so it was very early in the planning.

The bride lost it and told me that if I wasn't her MOH, then I'd be throwing a decade of friendship out the window for a pregnancy that might not even make it to term. That sealed the deal for me, and I left the wedding party and that friendship behind. I also went on to deliver a healthy baby.

Note to everyone who has a friend who recently got engaged...think twice before accepting the surprise 'will you be my bridesmaid?' mug in the mail.

Sources: Reddit
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