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Man asked to review job apps finds ex's and throws it away; wonders if that was wrong.

Man asked to review job apps finds ex's and throws it away; wonders if that was wrong.


Breakups are complicated and messy. Even if it's an amicable breakup, sometimes being clear about the rules is difficult. Who gets what? Who gets to go to your favorite bar? Are you okay hanging out with your friend group together? On a popular Reddit thread in the Am I the A**hole Subreddit, one man is unsure if he crossed a line with his ex.

He writes:

I (25M) currently work in finance. My job pays very well and can lead to other great opportunities, but it requires long hours at the office with my colleagues. Recently I was asked to do an application review for potential new hires for our department. These positions pay well and are very competitive, so several people at my level are asked to review the applications and filter out any that we feel will not be a good fit.

While reviewing, I saw that my ex (24F) had applied for the job and made it past the initial screening. Her application was robust, and she put effort into it. We had been together for two years before she broke up with me, and the following couple of months were hard for me. Without thinking, I crossed off her application and denied her the next round of interviews.

A good fit isn't just about the application. We speak with people on the floor who the applicant might have reached out to for a talk and learn if the applicant was impressive in the calls, If they had good questions, if they would be an excellent cultural fit, etc.

Applicants have been removed because someone they had a coffee chat with said they seemed 'bored' on the calls or any other reason that might have been off-putting.

Now I am wondering if I am the A. On the one hand, these jobs are sought after and could have been good for her career (if she was selected, there were still several interviews to go), but on the other hand, I feel like I have a right to work in a workplace where I don't have a constant reminder of something painful. AITA?

The internet is not wondering between the morals of what OP did.

Aggravating_Start411 says:

YTA (You're the A**hole). You were told to filter out people based on their qualifications, not your immaturity.

mdthomas says:

I'm not saying she could sue you, but if she finds out what you did, she could generate some bad PR. The correct thing to do would have been to say, 'I have a personal history with this applicant. Can someone else look over it to avoid any conflicts of interest'. YTA.

Usrname52 says:

YTA and completely unprofessional. Does your ex know you work there and may have a say in this because if she reaches out to the office, you can get in a lot of trouble? Hand the application to someone else. Say, 'I used to date this person and can't be impartial. Can someone else review this application?'

Ok-Study-5917 says:

YTA- -You were supposed to advise on the suitability and experience needed for the job opening. Unfortunately, you failed and shouldn't ever be given a chance to perform reviews. You've opened your employer to a potential lawsuit; put on your big boy pants and go to HR and explain the situation.

OP, there's nothing to wonder about you straight-up suck.

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