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Man asks if he was wrong to let medical condition get worse to prove it isn't fake.

Man asks if he was wrong to let medical condition get worse to prove it isn't fake.


Do people fake medical conditions for attention? Most people don't, but that's between them, their God, and a medical professional. On a popular Reddit thread in the Am I the A**hole Subreddit, a man gets accused of faking a medical condition for attention.

AITA for letting my medical condition get out of hand to prove a point?

I never knew this was a thing.

I have a condition called impacted earwax, caused by a swimmer's ear. For some reason, my whole life, it’s come back, and my having ears really sucks. Essentially, I have way too much ear wax. I need to clean out my ears daily just so they aren’t in pain. They’re still uncomfortable, unfortunately.

Tina doesn't hold back her thoughts.

Well, my older brother, Sebastian, has a fiancé, Tina, and they live in a room in our house that my mom rents to them. The other day, I guess Tina realized just how much I clean out my ears, and said, “you really shouldn’t have to clean them out that much, I feel like you’re probably exaggerating a little just for attention.”

Challenge accepted.

I told her I wasn’t, and she said, “Okay, well, I guess that your poor little ears are reason enough to waste money on q-tips so often.” I know it was petty, but I said, “Okay, I’m gonna go for 2 weeks without cleaning my ears. And every day, you have to take a picture of the inside of each, and see what happens.”

And so her pact with the devil was made. We didn’t make it past 5 days before she said, “Okay, you made your point, you a**.” My ears were leaking onto my shirt by that point, and the inside of my ears was on fire because the ear drops I’m supposed to use were just sitting in a puddle of wax in my ears, not doing their job.

Tina asked for this!

I thought it was funny, if not a little painful, but my brother and Tina thought it was petty and gross, and now they just call me the “waxy grubby creep.” My mom said I did nothing wrong, aside from just being generally obnoxious, but Sebastian and Tina made it into a whole thing and took it way too seriously. AITA?

StAlvis says:

NTA (Not the A**hole).

Tina needs to learn to mind her own beesearwax.

TheDevilsAdvocate says:


I have the same thing!!!!!!! It is not comfortable at all. You should stop using Q tips! Q tips push the earwax further into the ear. You need to buy a kit on amazon. I can’t count how many times I went to the doctors and they are like “Dude your earwax is all the way down by your ear membrane“. Don’t do it to yourself! Also, you can professionally get your earwax removed as well. Though I don’t recommend the professional every time. It’s easier to buy the kit and ignore them. They don’t know the struggle.

3xlduck says:

Uh, have you ever seen an ENT doctor about this? This is not normal. And also you don't use Q tips to clean ears, in case you do. They are about the worst thing to clean ears with.

Sorry about your ears, OP! If anyone reading this article thought about google image searching impacted earwax I recommend you don't do that.

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