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Man asks if he was wrong to 'embarrass' stepdad for not being able to pay for food.

Man asks if he was wrong to 'embarrass' stepdad for not being able to pay for food.


Being the primary breadwinner when you're 20 and living with your parents is weird. It might get more bizarre when you have a step-parent. Do you lay down the law because it's your money, or do you still let them have control because it's their house? We see one man go through this struggle on a popular Reddit thread.

AITA for telling my stepdad that I'll eat whatever I want in this house because I'm paying for it in front of my step-sisters?

The gig economy is rough.

I'm (20m) currently living with my mom full time since my dad is working out of the country. She has a husband, and he has two daughters from a previous marriage (12F and 14F) and my half-sibling (6M); my mom's husband is unemployed because he was abruptly terminated, and both of them do gigs here and there while he looks for a job, but they barely bring money to the house.

Paying rent to live with your parents feels wrong.

I'm in my second year of uni; while working and getting money from my dad, every month, I've been paying for most of my stuff (clothes, hobbies, phone bill, etc.) ever since I was 16 and when I turned 18 I began to pay rent and for my car.

OP, tell your family to call you 'Papa'.

My mom's husband and his daughters are big eaters; I don't mind, I just started to buy my groceries, and they knew they weren't allowed to have any (tho, I'd let my step-sisters take some of my snacks because I get they're kids).

However, three or four months ago, my mom was asking me to ''buy this, buy that, repurchase this,'' and I've been doing their groceries too, so I'm paying for all of the food, plus rent, plus driving my step-sister to and from school and among other things.

Papa has spoken.

Yesterday we were having dinner together, and I remembered I'd bought a watermelon a few days ago; it was almost all gone, but I could eat the last of it, and it was okay. My step-sister said she wanted some too, and I said there was barely anything left and she could have an apple or something, she said she wanted watermelon, and I said sorry.

Um, who does this false papa think he is?

My mom's husband said kids go first, but I said kids have been eating watermelon for the past days, and it was my turn; he looked me dead in the eye and said ''Put it back, son. You can eat something else'' so I just said I'll be eating whatever I want because I was paying for it. Nobody said anything after that, and I took it to my room.

What do we think internet? Is papa being a little a**hole?

Later my mom came and apologized for him but said that I shouldn't have said anything in front of my sisters and was rude because I was ''financially abusing'' my family, so IDK?

Future-Block says:

NTA (Not the A**hole). They're financially abusing you.

TheDeadlyPandaGamer says:

NTA, he was rude to you in front of everyone and you gave it right back. If you are paying for everything, you need to move out.

imothro says:

NTA. You're financially abusing them when you're paying for everything? LOL. Sounds like it's time to move out. I imagine living on your own or with a roommate is going to be less expensive than paying rent AND feeding a family of four.

OP congrats on achieving every stepchild's dream and overtaking their stepparent as head of the household.

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