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Man breaks up with his girlfriend after receiving a text from her ex, 'it scared me.' AITA?

Man breaks up with his girlfriend after receiving a text from her ex, 'it scared me.' AITA?


"AITA for breaking up with my girlfriend after her ex messaged me saying that she’s a cheater?"

For context I (21M) and my now ex-girlfriend (20F) were together for only 3 months, we met through a friend. She has told me about an ex she had, the guy before me, and that he’s crazy. She told me she broke up with him due to him being controlling towards her so she told me that if I started telling her what to do then she’s ending it.

I felt sympathetic towards her and I promised that I could never do that to her. I did think it was kinda odd how she’d talk about him often though, especially in the very beginning of the relationship. She wouldn’t even talk about him in bad ways most of the time, like just talk about stories they had.

This happened a week ago, but I got a message request on Facebook, I opened it and it was the ex. It was a long message with pictures and the end stating “just letting a bro know."

It consisted of him talking about the relationship they had, that she is insane, that she spoke to many guys throughout them dating, and that she has threatened him, and finally how she was attempting to contact him many ways even during the time frame of us just in the beginning of getting together. The screenshots showed proof of her cheating on him, her trying to message him, and insanely long threatening messages she sent him.

I didn’t message back, but I did end up confronting her with the screenshots and which she immediately denied everything and started crying and told me to not leave her over this. I kept trying to calm her down and she ended up telling me that it’s real, but she changed and wanted to start over with me.

At that point I was very much not interested anymore and kinda scared me not gonna lie lol. I ended it with her, she freaked out over that and just kept pleading with me that she seriously changed. I just felt like a little bit of an ahole judging how serious she was acting when she said she changed. AITA?

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

PolygonMan said:

NTA. If she'd changed this wouldn't have been a surprise. You 100% made the correct call. Do not contact her ever again.

Turbowsk1 said:

NTA, Dude did you a favor by showing you those crazy messages she was sending him. Better to leave now that it is still early than later on when you have a lot invested.

thisboyisg said:

NTA, you saw the red flags soon and saved yourself from a whole lotta trauma and headaches. and, a heartbreak.

GreenTeaShaman said:

NTA. She lied to you, to your face about her ex, so she hasn't changed that much.

daretojda said:

NTA. You dodged a bullet.


NTA. IMO once a cheater always a cheater.

lapistrip said:

NTA. Her ex did you a favor lol. It’s better to find out 3 months in rather than finding out later on.

Mountain-Click-8431 said:

NTA - Her ex did you a solid bro. Love that he came with receipts.

Everyone was unanimously on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for these exes?

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