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Man breaks up with GF when she contacts FBI after getting scammed out of $14.5K. AITA? MAJOR UPDATE.

Man breaks up with GF when she contacts FBI after getting scammed out of $14.5K. AITA? MAJOR UPDATE.


When this man is "so over his stupid GF," he asks Reddit:

"I'm breaking up with my GF after she got scammed. AITA?"

I really don't know what to say, honestly. I really love my girlfriend a lot, but I just can't put up with her naivety anymore. She lost 14.5k to a crypto scam. She knows nothing about crypto at all, nobody we know invests in it, and she fell for the scam over Twitter.

That money was not just hers, her parents and I contributed most of it. She only works part-time as a server so it really feels great to know that the last 5 months of saving away has been for nothing because she naively thought a 12-hour-old account on Twitter was going to give her 50 bitcoins because she won a giveaway.

She's always been a moron if I'm honest with you. She falls for things so quickly it's kind of absurd.

This isn't even the first time she's done something incredibly stupid before with money. She's always falling for sham pseudoscience scams and buying incredibly expensive supplements and products.

She actually believes the youtube scam ads and will freely give away her credit card info to any site she finds herself on. Those are easy enough to get past, however, because 50$ of some stupid bottle of pills is one thing, 14.5k is another.

I'm just tired I guess. She actually still believed after a week that the transaction to transfer the 50 bitcoin to her wallet was still "on hold" and it was only me discovering her bank account had been emptied that I figured out she messed up massively.

I don't even have the heart to tell her parents right now that their daughter just messed up so massively that she actually cannot attend school this semester. Now she's convinced if she contacts the FBI she'll be able to not only get her money back but the 50 bitcoin she was promised.

The fact that she cannot pay for her tuition this semester does not even cross her mind, and she still plans to attend classes and "just take out a loan or something" until the "FBI" gets her money back for her.

I'm planning on breaking it off this week. I'm gonna tell her parents ahead of time so they don't just get dropkicked with the info that she fell for the scam. AITA?

Before we provide you with OP's update, let's take a look at some of the top responses. Some of them shared their own experiences with scams:

wetsockmoney writes:

So . . .has she never had to do any kind of her banking/finances? I mean this is strange behaviour even for someone who has a bad habit of falling for scams.

You're saying not only does she not recognize a scam but thinks the FBI returns money to everyone who has ever been scammed ever? Does she not even understand that even if the FBI did this kind of recovery, there would be a long processes before she gets the money?

Does she not know how loans and interest works? Why isn't she more concerned? I mean this is just bizarre.

ghostglass writes:

My ex of 7 years fell for a scam like this, where they gave their bank account information and social security number to a scammer. When they told me I actually got so nauseated and embarrassed that I felt physically ill and it made me rethink everything about the relationship.

I don't know how someone could be so stupid and careless. There were a lot of factors that went into that breakup but the incident set off alarms in my head. You can't rely on someone who can be tricked that easily.

sneak7 writes:

Yeah my dad fell for a scam costing him 34k (this is a massive amount for us) it was some kind of love scam or something basically he fell in love with a woman online (my dad has been single and divorced for 15 years)...

and she was into trading gasoline and all my dad made 2k into 10k on a fake website even after the whole family saying it was a scam but he was so convinced and so inlove man it was so sad to see and he kept putting money in...

but never actually stopping it after the 34k he wanted to withdraw 30k but it was on ‘HOLD’ and all of a suddon he had to pay taxes on it costing another 30k and thats when we knew it was a scam lmao so theres that! Its been month and he still regrets it its f-g disgusting how people like that are alive on earth…

dabisme writes:

My stupid MIL was looking for a place to rent couple years ago. She found "the most perfect place" and was so excited! It has a gym, cheap rent, and huge windows!! But the landlord lives in another city, and would need a damage deposit and first months rent and congrats it would be hers!!

Stupid lady e-transfers like 2.5k to this person. She now had to wait for the confirmation email and then can pick up the keys. Welllllll she waited and waited and decided to call the company to see whats up.

She gets no one picking up the phone, then looks up the company on google and its scam alerts all down the page. She made our lives hell from how pissed she was. My MIL needs to stop smoking so much weed ffs.

aitnad writes:

These scammers are getting out of hand. I had an elderly neighbor that fell a big scam also. The one that you pay them like $5000 or some amount for fees, in order to get a huge amount back.

Ended up getting whole bank account drained and left with nothing in return. I felt so bad.

Another scenario. A coworker I used to work with would always have these "extremely good looking" men. They would con their way into having her believe their every word.

She believed she was engaged to one, and he needed money to make it to America to marry her. She believed that one was in the US Marines and was stationed in Nigeria. He needed money to eat and live off because they didn't pay him until he was done with this deployment.

So many men with so many sob stories. All requesting money. I tried so hard to get her to see it was all a scam. I showed her that the "Marine" base he mentioned did not exist.

I went as far to pull up one of their pages on Facebook and go through their history. For like a year all that page posted was this amazing looking guys pictures and statuses wrote in English.

Before that year his profile picture was a foreigner and the statuses where wrote in a foreign language. She never did learn and lost so much money. But then again, maybe it was her Karma. She was dating this guy the entire time, living with him.

He was paying all the bills and taking care of her, believing she was and still is faithful. She is still living with him, and still getting scammed out of money by whoever is behind these fake Facebook pages.

Then, OP provides this update:

I don't know how to explain it. She's a 3.7 GPA physics major who stuff like calculus and linear math come naturally. I cannot explain how she falls for this stuff. The moment she told me where the money went I just knew this shit was going to be ongoing forever.

Like, I love her, but oh my god she's just so stupid. I don't even know if she's in contact with a recovery scammer. She only just figured out she got scammed when I told her how stupid it was of her to still believe that the bitcoin was coming.

I think she just thinks that the FBI will automatically track down the scammer if she calls them up, I don't even know how to explain it really. I'm just so over it to be honest with you. I'm just gonna break up with her and cut my losses and move on.

So, looks like OP isn't really TA here. But is he being too harsh by breaking up with his GF over this? What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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