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'AITA for canceling my wedding because my fiancée may have cheated on her bachelorette party?' UPDATED.

'AITA for canceling my wedding because my fiancée may have cheated on her bachelorette party?' UPDATED.


Man wants to know if he's insecure for calling off wedding because his fiancée won't tell him about her bachelorette party.

*Update at the bottom*

HelpScary1377 writes:

I (27M) was supposed to marry my fiancée's (28F). I decided to call off the wedding after some suspicious events happened at my fiancee's bachelorette party. We were going to get married next week on Saturday and had our bachelor/bachelorette parties this week.

The boys and I hung out together at a friend's place, chatted, and played games. My fiancée and her bridesmaids decided to go to a meyhane (a traditional Turkish entertainment place).

I called and texted her that night, but there was no reply. My gut feeling screamed that something was wrong, so I decided to ask S about it. I know her through the family, and she is not as close to my fiancee as the other bridesmaids are.

She told me they went to a club, a very nasty one at that. There are no strip clubs in Turkey to my knowledge, but that specific place they went to is just nasty. I went there for a New Year's party in the past, and that was the craziest thing I have witnessed.

It's no different from a brothel. I asked how come they went to that club instead of the meyhane. She told me the others changed their minds on the way, but she did not go as she does not like clubs at all.

I got a reply from my fiancée late in the morning, and she told me they stayed at D's (another bridesmaid's) place after getting drunk at the meyhane. I asked her if everyone was there, and she said yes. Now the problem is D's place is almost 2.5 hours away from that place.

There is no way 7 girls were able to go together to that place in the middle of the night, especially when public transport was not available. Taxis are out of the question due to cost and capacity.

I asked one of my friends to call her girlfriend, who is another bridesmaid. She told him she went back to her place, and the others just went to different places.

There are inconsistencies all over. I video-called my fiancée right away on WhatsApp, but she said she would call me once she was available. She called me a few minutes later, but she was outside, and I am pretty sure it was not the district D lived in.

I confronted her about it once she came back, but she could not give any satisfying answers to my questions. It became apparent that I must have said something wrong first, then the other bridesmaids, except S, texted me confirming things all at once. It was so obvious there was something fishy here, and they were coordinated by my fiancée.

Alarms were ringing in my head, and yesterday I decided to call off the wedding. No one explained to me what happened that night clearly. When someone tries to explain, there are inconsistencies all over. I announced my decision to call off the wedding in my friend chat group and family chat groups.

She is going crazy right now, but still, there is not a single satisfying answer about what happened that night. I was even told not to be an insecure guy, but there is just no way. Everything points to at least something fishy happening there, and they are trying to cover it. My friend, whose girlfriend was a bridesmaid, has also decided to break up with her. It is chaos all over. Am I the a$%@ole?

Here are some of the top theories and explanations from the comments:

This user says:

Turkish person here! A Meyhane is usually for man to pick up woman and yeah… self explained. It’s usually not a place where someone would go and celebrate a bachelorette party. A club?

Maybe yeah but everyone has a different story on where they went, why did she say they went there, but the other girlfriends says she went home? Things don’t add up. Turkey has a lot of strip clubs, so I don't know what kind of club they went but they exist there too.

ultrawazer says:

NTA (Not the A%@^ole) - From what you said, and recent comment replies it seems like something happened and they are trying to hide it. Otherwise she would let you check her phone. I think you did a good thing.

Trmphasamcrdck says:

NTA. If you really want to satisfy your suspicions, ask to see her phone. Then look at the GPS and recent spots visited.

OP responded:

I asked to see her phone but she rejected it.

Vegetable-Cod-2340 says:

NTA. Everything about this is fishy as hell. Even if she didn’t cheat on Op, she’s clearly lying about what happened and where they went. And you just can’t trust someone that has convinced all her bridesmaid friends to lie, there will never be a clear story, and the doubt will be there.

OP provided a major update:

Last minute news came from my friend who broke up with his gf. His ex-gf spilled everything in hopes of getting back with him. Long story short, four out of seven girls including my fiancee left the club with random men. One even got two men.

Ex-fiancee got with a rando at his place. The other two girls also had boyfriends so we are planning on going full nuke and talking to their bfoyfriends about everything.

No need to say everything is over between us. I did not message ex-fiancee yet but my main priority is cancelling wedding related matters now hoping to get some money back.

Nuke dodged, but I felt something cracking in me. I may have lost a part of my humanity. I will post if there are any more updates but that is pretty much it for now.Thank you gut feeling

What do you think? Would you still marry this person?

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