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'AITA for being upset my fiancé cancelled our honeymoon to pay for a monster truck?'

'AITA for being upset my fiancé cancelled our honeymoon to pay for a monster truck?'


"AITA for getting upset at my fiance for cancelling our honeymoon for a trophy truck thing?"

Hi everyone, I'm [23F] and I've been engaged to my fiancé [35M] for about a year now. We had been planning our dream honeymoon to Paris, which we were both incredibly excited about. However, things took an unexpected turn, and I'm not sure how to feel about it.

Recently, my fiancé's friends, who he calls "the boys," started planning a big trip. They're all huge monster truck racing fans and have this idea to chip in and buy a trophy truck. They want to take it racing around in Utah. It's a costly venture, and my fiancé has been worried about being able to afford his share.

Out of the blue, he told me that he decided to cancel our Paris honeymoon. His reasoning? He needs to save money for the monster truck trip with his friends. I was shocked and incredibly hurt. Paris has been a dream of mine, and we've been planning and saving for this trip since we got engaged.

To "make up" for it, he suggested that we could go to the France pavilion at Epcot instead. He said it's "basically the same" as going to Paris. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. To me, it's nowhere near the same experience, and it feels like a massive downgrade from what we had planned.

I understand that hobbies and spending time with friends are important, but I feel like our honeymoon - a once-in-a-lifetime experience - should take precedence. I tried to express my feelings, but he accused me of being unsupportive of his interests.

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

Lawn_Dinosaurs said:

Do yourself a favor and end this now before you’re actually married. If this dude at 35 is more worried about monster trucks than his wife’s honeymoon imagine how much worse it will get. I have insanely expensive hobbies and never let them get in front of important commitments.

Bucky-Katt-Guitar said:

Do. Not. Marry. This. Clown. NTA.

AlaskanPuppyMom said:

And yet you're still engaged to this man-child, why????? Tell him you're all about finding a mature partner who puts you above his frat-boy friends. Then hand back the ring and walk away. NTA, unless you stay with him.

bdayqueen said:

NTA - now you know you're less important than his friends and their BIG truck fetish. You're 23. Is this what you want from a relationship? Cause he's not going to change. He's too old to grow up.

RNGinx3 said:

Nope. Tell him to enjoy marriage to his truck. He's just told you he's financially irresponsible, will make unilateral decisions for your marriage, and is willing to use money you've also been saving and contributing to. Take this as a bullet dodged and realize you two are incompatible due to financial responsibility. NTA.

Dotfromkansas said:

He canceled the honeymoon. You cancel the wedding. Seriously.

Everyone unanimously agreed with OP for this one. What's your advice for this couple?

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