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Man chooses musical theatre karaoke song after wife tells him not to, 'I'm a pretty masculine-looking guy.' AITA?

Man chooses musical theatre karaoke song after wife tells him not to, 'I'm a pretty masculine-looking guy.' AITA?


"AITA for singing 'Any Dream Will Do' for Karaoke when my wife told me not to?"

I (M) am 42, my wife is 39 So, last weekend, my wife and I went to a karaoke bar with her friends. I love karaoke and have always enjoyed singing a wide range of songs. I am a pretty good singer, and used to be in a rock band when I was younger.

My wife knows this, but she’s always been a bit embarrassed by my choices, especially since I’m a pretty masculine-looking guy (thick beard and a lot of tattoos). Anyway, I decided to sing "Any Dream Will Do" from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

My wife pulled me aside and begged me not to do it, saying it would be embarrassing for both of us. I didn’t really see the big deal and thought it would be fun, so I went ahead and did it anyway.

So I did it and it went really well. The crowd was super into it, even joining in with the "ahhh-ahh" parts. By the end of the song, everyone was clapping and cheering. It was honestly one of the best karaoke experiences I’ve had. It was a great time.

Afterwards, a woman from the audience came up and asked if I’d sing "The Phantom of the Opera" with her. It was another big hit, and we got a lot of applause. When I got back to our table, my wife was clearly upset. She said I ignored her feelings and embarrassed her in front of our friends and a bunch of strangers.

I tried to explain that everyone seemed to enjoy it and that it was all in good fun, but she wasn’t having it and stormed off. The next day, she is calling me an insensitive ahole. Her friends have even said I am great fun and asked to go again. So, AITA?

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

Tangerine_Bouquet said:

NTA. If you can reach a calm time, ask your wife why she's upset? What did she think would be embarrassing about you singing that song? Why is she so unhappy about it? Why did she "storm off?" Because it makes zero sense.

You can sing what you want at karaoke--although if your partner asks you to skip the Tenacious D or something explicit, it's nice to listen to them. These songs are fine. Really. Your wife is being an AH.

Catcon95 said:

NTA. It's karaoke, if she was going to be embarrassed by a song choice she just should have stayed home. There is no reason to get bent out of shape and and claim embarrassment because you chose a song that didn't fit her narrow minded view of what a masculine man should sing

I suggest doing "I’ll Make a Man Out of You" next karaoke, make sure you hit all the strikingly "manly" poses so she and everyone can see how macho you are and there won't be any embarrassment.

Curious-One4595 said:

NTA. Your wife is small-minded and controlling. If your wife is embarrassed by you singing songs that aren't "manly" enough, she's got some deep insecurities and outdated opinions. She is the one who has some internal changes to make. Sing what you want and enjoy yourself.

jaouna said:

NTA, her reasons for not wanting you to sing the song were immature. Yo didn't embarrass her, on the contrary, the crowd seemed to take it very well. Personally, I think it is wholesome when a masculine dude does something not considered traditionally masculine and embraces other interests or parts of his personality.

Your wife has to try to mature and not shame your choices because they don't align with her idea of what you should be or do.

Aggressive_Cloud2002 said:

NTA - you didn't embarrass her, she felt embarrassed because of ridiculous notions she has made up in her head... She should figure out why her partner crushing it at karaoke makes her feel that way, and sort through that!

AdamOnFirst said:

NTA. Embarrassing yourself and everyone around you is sorta part of the point of karaoke. Getting to be an unexpectedly good singer and impressing people is just a nice bonus.

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