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Woman takes kid camping because husband is sick; he's gone when MIL checks on him. AITA?

Woman takes kid camping because husband is sick; he's gone when MIL checks on him. AITA?


"AITA for not believing my husband stayed in while sick?"

My husband (42M), our toddler, and I (34F) were going camping when he got terrible diarrhea and couldn’t come. While I was gone, my mom (who has a room at our house) checked on him, and he was gone.

She texted, thinking he had come on the trip. He didn’t, so I asked him if he went out. He told me he was sleeping, so my mom missed him. I asked where he was sleeping because she said she looked all over, and he stopped responding to my texts. My mom asked him about it because he told her he was sleeping in the guest room.

But when I got him, the room had no blankets, and the stuff I left untouched (scarf, wood stick on pillow). So I asked him about it again when I got home, and he was pissed I thought he’d go out when he had horrible diarrhea. He stormed away and then took the car to get washed.

When he got home, he was no longer fuming but went to his office to play video games until dinner/we put our kid to bed. Then wouldn’t talk to me for the rest of the night, hiding in the office to play video games more.

So AITA, for not believing my husband, should I trust him despite the information I was given/saw for myself? He’s a great guy, and I’d trust him with my life, but I feel like I’d be a fool not to question the circumstance. If it were me, I’d be hurt at not being trusted, but I feel I’d at least explain myself. AITA for wanting an explanation?

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seattlekeith asks:

INFO: Does your mom dislike your husband? Would she have any reason to lie about not being able to find him to stir up trouble?

Neat-Pay-7558 OP responded:

No we all get along great. We bought a house for her to build a tiny home in the backyard, she sold her house to move here and wouldn’t want to jeopardize all of that. We hang out and enjoy each other.

She’s super chill and laidback, not a mom who sticks her nose in your business or tells you how to live. In the past when she’s not liked my partner she’s even kept quiet over voicing concerns out of fear of harming her relationship w me. We have really solid trust, she’s always prioritized that.

ultavulta says:

NTA (Not the A%#hole). You are entitled to an explanation. Update us when you have an answer.

lilithofthelilim says:

NTA. He’s cheating. He’s trying to gaslight you into thinking that you’re unreasonable for not believing him, but his defensiveness is just an admission of his guilt.

panachi19 says:

NTA. It’s shady. He might have just gone to the pub for a bit, lied thinking you’d be mad at him for not going camping, and keeps doubling down on it. Could be anything really.

Neat-Pay-7558 OP adds:

That was my thought. It just feels so much like the classic response of someone cheating. But ladies I know who know him don’t think he’s capable. He’s very monogamous and we’re close, have great [xxx], and don’t have a lot of issues. I don’t want to just assume anything but it’s hard to think there’s any other explanation.

OP also added:

I don’t care if he went out. Hell I’m down w polyamory if he wanted to be w someone else. My issue is lying. That’s it.

What do you think? Was OP's husband lying to do something more nefarious, or should she just drop it and move on?

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