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Man convinces dad's GF to breakup with him; dad calls him an 'entitled jerk.'

Man convinces dad's GF to breakup with him; dad calls him an 'entitled jerk.'


Socializing with your parent's boyfriend or girlfriend can get awkward. What do you talk about, your childhood, how they met, the trauma your parent inflicted on you? If you know how to communicate well with the people your parents date, you should write a book.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Am I the A**hole Subreddit, a man has a smoke with his dad's girlfriend and tells her all the dirt about his dad.

He writes:

So long story short, I'm 35m and have had no contact with my dad since I was 22; he will text every now and then, which I will normally ignore. He has been seeing his new “girlfriend” for about a year and a half now and, for whatever reason, decides to show up for once to his grandson's first birthday (my sister's kid, not mine). He brought his girlfriend with him to introduce him to the family.

Now I am a smoker, as is she (bad habit, I know), so I announced was going to be outside for a few minutes, and she followed suit. We got to talking, and she asked why myself and my sister don’t talk to my dad or ever reach out. I told her exactly why. When we were kids, my dad would either be at work or golfing, leaving our mother to raise us.

He makes good money (150k a year now at the time now, even more). I had to delay college until I was 25 because I was considered a dependent, and FAFSA for student loan purposes goes off your parent's income, so I qualified for zero loans, and my dad offered zero help.

So I got a job after high school, moved out, supported myself until I was 18, and went back to college at 25. I graduated with debt, but it’s manageable. I told her at no point had he ever offered emotional or financial support to myself or my sister emotionally or financially and that he was a cheapskate who cared more about himself than his own family.

Now to my surprise, she had already started noticing these characteristics of my father, and hearing what I had to say just confirmed everything for her. They broke up a few days after she called him a deadbeat dad and a cheapskate.

My father has been blowing up my phone, calling me an entitled a**hole, and saying I was an adult and should have been capable of doing it on my own (which I did, at 18, with no help). He said I had no right to say that, and I told him maybe if he had been a father, I wouldn’t need to. AITA for airing out my grievances to my dads now ex-girlfriend?

The internet is an expert on parenting.

EpiphanaeaSedai says:

NTA - you told the truth. He should have lived a different life if he wanted you to tell a different story.

TheRealDonData says:

NTA. You told her the truth and she made a decision based on what she was told.

columbospeugeot says:

NTA. She asked you to answer. If he thought his actions were ok, he wouldn’t be so angry now. To my great pleasure, I saw my dad’s girlfriends leave him one by one after realizing on their own what a jerk he was.

OP, your dad needs to learn to deal with the consequences of being a bad father.

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