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'AITA for divorcing my wife after discovering she cheated on me at the birth of my son?'

'AITA for divorcing my wife after discovering she cheated on me at the birth of my son?'


"Man is accused of being heartless after divorcing his wife for cheating on him."

Most-Firefighter-275 writes:

My ex-wife Mary (real name because I don't care if she finds out) and I were together for 5 years, married for 2. Our relationship was mostly fine except for one major issue: she cheated on me three years into our relationship.

After much therapy, I made the difficult decision to forgive her and committed to working on our relationship together. Despite my friends' skepticism due to her infidelity and promiscuous past (with a body count of over 100), I loved her deeply and chose to marry her.

My friends didn't attend our wedding due to their extreme skepticism, but I didn't care because I was incredibly happy. Her parents were also pleased that we reconciled, and our wedding and honeymoon felt like something out of a fairy tale.

After a year of marriage, Mary became pregnant, and I was thrilled to start a family. The pregnancy progressed smoothly, but when our son was born, something didn't seem right. He bore no resemblance to me and had few traits similar to my wife.

Recalling the timing of her pregnancy announcement, when I was away on business for two weeks, and her hesitation when I asked her to be present for the birth, I grew suspicious.

Unable to shake these doubts, I took the initiative to conduct a DNA test on "my" son while Mary was at work. The results confirmed my worst fear: he wasn't my biological child.

Immediately, I contacted my lawyer and initiated divorce proceedings. A month later, I served Mary with the divorce papers and confronted her about the paternity test results. Despite her pleas for forgiveness and promises to change, I remained steadfast in my decision, having already forgiven her once.

As she packed her belongings, crying and begging for another chance, I stood firm. When her father arrived, I showed him the DNA test results, and he, too, was outraged. They left for her parents' house, and our divorce was finalized within a few months.

Although I never cried or shouted during this ordeal, I felt broken and empty inside. My friends, who had warned me about Mary, expressed their satisfaction with the outcome, but I couldn't shake the feeling of devastation.

Months have passed since the divorce, yet I still feel hollow. Despite this, I have no regrets about insisting on the DNA test; my suspicions were justified.

Recently, I encountered some mutual friends of ours, and they informed me of Mary's depression and sadness, revealing that her affair partner disappeared, leaving her to seek refuge with one of them. They asked if I regretted the divorce, to which I replied with a firm "no."

While they accused me of being heartless and cold, insisting that Mary regrets her actions and still mourns our relationship, I stand by my decision. I may have forgiven her once, but I refuse to be deceived again, especially over something as significant as paternity. So, AITA?

Here are some of the top judgments.

AppasTurds says:

NTA (Not the A^&#ole) at all. She cheated without a condom, kept the resulting pregnancy, and tried to pass the baby off as yours. That's not one mistake in the heat of the moment. That's a series of calculated betrayals, and she was willing to lie and use you for the rest of her life. There's no coming back from something like that.

Brave_Strength2864 says:

Of course NTA. The ex wife "oh no the consequences of my actions really exists. Oh noooooo."

Difficult_Mood_3225 says:

OP, I doubt that your friends were happy that you were hurt, but rather glad to finally see you leave a situation that everyone knew was bad.

Obi-Juan_Valdez says:

You gave her a second chance after the first episode of cheating, and that's more than 75% of people would do. She then squandered that opportunity, and that's her own damn fault. You are NTA, at all.

BeachinLife1 says:

NTA, and tell those "friends" to go kick rocks. She is not your problem anymore and her kid sure isn't. She is living her karma. And WTF, she was willing to put her baby up for adoption to somehow placate you?

What kind of person is she? Be sure and tell her "friends" she was going to give her kid up for adoption to stay married to you! I have zero sympathy for her and you sure as heck shouldn't have any.

When she showed you who she was before you married her, you should have believed her. Now you've learned this lesson, take it with you into the future. A cheater's gonna cheat, especially if you ever let them get away with it once. Good luck with your future, I hope someday you find someone worthy of a someone like you with a lot of love to give.

What do you think? Is OP right to not feel remorse over his ex-wife's situation?

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