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Man asks if he was wrong to 'abandon' young drunk woman.

Man asks if he was wrong to 'abandon' young drunk woman.


Club etiquette can be odd. When this man in his 40s is conflicted, he takes to the popular Reddit forum to ask:

'AITA for not staying with drunk young woman?'

I'm a man in my early 40's. Last night I was in the area where all of the clubs etc. are. Pretty sober. I bumped into a woman I don't know all that well, but she's an acquaintance. She was with another young woman. I said hello to her and had small talk. Both seemed reasonably sober at this point.

The woman I know then said she has to get going home. She asked me if I'd stay with the other woman and make sure she gets in a cab ok. She said 'she's only 19, so please look after her.'

I wasn't really thrilled about this, for a few reasons. I don't know the girl at all. The que for a cab was very long and slow moving. I wanted to get home myself (walk) I feel like if you're out with someone, you have more responsibility for them than someone who was not a part of their night.

Also felt a bit weird being visibly a lot older than this girl and hanging around her. I did say yes, because I didn't want to be an ahole.

I stood around with her, making small talk. And out of nowhere she starts crying, saying she feels really Ill and think she's going to die. Everyone was looking. I asked her if she needs an ambulance and she didn't really answer.

She just sat of the floor crying and panicking. I felt bad for her, but very awkward. There was a man and woman in front of us, who started trying to calm her down. I really wanted to leave, so I just walked off without saying anything.

Today I get a text from the woman I know. 'Can't believe you left her alone! I asked you to make sure she gets in the cab' I said 'sorry, but it wasn't really my responsibility.

You're the one that left her and put me in an awkward position. There were people around her making sure she's ok. Is she ok now?' She told me she is ok, but says I still was 'out of order' for just leaving her in that state. I stopped responding. So, give it to me Reddit. AITA?

Well, let's find out what Reddit had to say.

izlyiest writes:

YTA - but only because you agreed to see her to the cab. If you didn't want to do that, you should not have agreed. You should have told your friend when she asked that you were not comfortable with it.

turbulentarticle disagrees:

Definitely NTA not your daughter not your responsibility she can’t handle adult life she shouldn’t go out. Especially going out with “friends” that ditch her and try to push blame

scaredweather73 writes:

Nta. If someone goes out using mind altering substances, then they should know their limits and be responsible for themselves. The girls is the asshole for getting too messed up and out of control.

The friend is the asshole for knowing she's too fucked up and trying to push her off on you, then blaming you. You learned the lesson to never agree to watch another person. But you're not an asshole for walking away.

The jury's out! What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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