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Man dumps woman for having a FWB that's 'hotter' than him before they were official.

Man dumps woman for having a FWB that's 'hotter' than him before they were official.


I dumped a girl because she had a FWB before we were exclusive.

Last_Cod_5268 writes:

So, for some context here: I (25M) was dating a girl whom I'll call Emily, also 25. We dated for around two months, and we agreed to be exclusive about two weeks ago. We hadn't gone beyond kissing because she "really liked me and was serious about me." The thing is, though, I found out while we were dating that she was sleeping with a FWB.

I felt offended that she made me wait for so long while giving it to the other guy straight away. But at the same time, it also wasn't cheating since we weren't exclusive yet. What upsets me, though, is that I wasn't thinking about other girls, but while we were dating, she was happily involved with her FWB.

What made me more insecure was that I checked his profile, and he was way more attractive than me. I also found out that she had been intimate with him both before and after a few dates with me. She had no problem being transparent when I asked her questions.

At first, I accepted it because it's taken me hundreds of rejections to get this one girl, but one day something snapped. I dumped her yesterday. I just can't take a girl who is involved like that seriously. Not to mention her words didn't match her actions.

The thing is, I've gotten flak. I've been told that it doesn't matter and that I'm acting entitled, mainly from her friends. I told them to back off. I wonder, though, if I'm being harsh here. To be honest, I don't think dating is for me anyways.

It's not worth it unless you're tall and look like Chris Evans. I won't be seeking a relationship after this. I think I can safely say I'm done with modern "dating." It's degenerate and a waste of time. I've come to find that money and looks are all that matter.

Here are some of the top comments from the post:

basicstyrene says:

NTA (Not the A%#hole). Really, you can break up with someone for almost any reason and not be an a^#hole. I would have done the same in this situation. However, the last few sentences, I don't agree with and they come off as very incel-y. Of course, take a break from dating for a while for your own sake, but no, you don't need to be rich and look like Chris Evans.

MidnightMoonstone13 says:

Nta, simply because you can end a relationship for any reason… but the language youre using gives me pause. Dont go down the nice guy/neckbeard rabbithole OP.

duskywindows says:

This is some major incel sounding sh%. You're NTA for breaking it off with someone, as that's always simply a personal decision. But my guy, don't become a f^#king weirdo because of one salty breakup.

EscapedCaveman says:

Honestly, sounds like a lot of things going on in this post. A) yall seem incompatible due to your values. B) you obviously have no confidence if you think chris evans' looks and money is the entrance requirements to dating. C) you need to learn to love yourself before trying to love someone else D) you are obviously jealous she made you wait.

PotPumper43 says:

NTA, but straight to Incel. You learned the wrong lessons unfortunately.

What do you think? Is OP right to dump this girl? Is he an incel for his views on dating?

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