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Man asks if he's wrong to keep groceries that were delivered to wrong house.

Man asks if he's wrong to keep groceries that were delivered to wrong house.


When you get a delivery, it can be a lot of work to put it away. When this man is conflicted about 'stealing' groceries, he asks the popular Reddit forum:

'AITA for not returning groceries that were delivered to the wrong house?'

My wife ordered groceries from Walmart and what were delivered were the wrong set of groceries. We put them away because what else are you going to do (a bunch of junk food, honestly not even stuff we want.)

I went online and refunded all of our groceries. An hour later the delivery person came back, after realizing their mistake. I refused the groceries we'd already refunded, and when they asked for the groceries back I explained we'd already put them away so I wouldn't be returning them.

My wife thinks we should have taken the time to gather them from all of our cabinets/fridge/freezer and return them to the delivery person, but I don't think we're responsible for doing that extra work to fix Walmart/the delivery driver's mistake.

'Why is your default not helping a person out?' was her response, which made me feel kind of bad.

My reasoning being we couldn't just leave all the stuff sitting out just incase they came back, and once it's away I don't feel responsible to do the extra work to gather and return it.

Side note, I was literally leaving to pick our son up from school when the driver returned so I didn't really have the time to do it either. AITA here?

Let's see what Reddit had to say.

mostlybad35 writes:

YTA. It's one thing if you didn't know you received the wrong groceries, put them away then discovered you received the wrong order. I don't think it's reasonable to expect you to root through your cabinets to return the groceries. (& they probably wouldn't want them anyway)

It's another thing to knowingly accept the wrong order keep the groceries and then ask for a refund of your money. That's called stealing.

kdh7888 disagrees:

NTA. They made the mistake, not you. The deliverer will get punished for this, which is why I assume they came back.

You got your money back and got free groceries. Hopefully you’re able to use some. Enjoy!

sleepy8655 writes:

YTA - for sure. Lets also consider its 90 degrees out and the delivery driver has to make drop offs in that heat all day. You dont. 'a bunch of junk food, honestly not even stuff we want.'

The guy came back and tried to correct his mistake and you decided you would just keep it for free. I hope the driver doesn't get his wages garnished for his mistake. 'Why is your default not helping a person out?'.... there's the response

Well, the jury's out on this one. What do YOU think? Was OP in the wrong?

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