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Man has an affair to convince lover that he has 'prospects' and that she should be his GF.

Man has an affair to convince lover that he has 'prospects' and that she should be his GF.


Man has an affair to lock it up with his girlfriend.

Icy_Wealth_1233 writes:

I (28M) had been seeing Amanda (27F) for over a year. We went on dates, were intimate, lived together - basically acted like a couple in every way, except she would insist we were 'just friends' whenever I tried to make it official.

It started to really bother me that after a year she still wouldn't acknowledge we were in a relationship. One night at a bar, I met Lisa, who was very forward about being promiscuous. I thought since Amanda and I were 'just friends', it wouldn't be cheating to hook up with Lisa.

So I took Lisa home to the apartment Amanda and I shared, and we were 'cuddling' on the bed when Amanda walked in. She was furious and gave me the silent treatment for days. After some groveling apologies from me, she finally agreed to be my 'official' girlfriend. It's been 6 months since.

However, Amanda and some of my friends keep saying I was out of line to hook up with Lisa since Amanda and I were clearly more than just friends, despite what she said. But I figured since she kept insisting we were just friends, I was free to see other people. AITAH?

There are a lot of questions in the comments:

DesperateToNotDream says:

Who moves in with their lover while saying you’re just friends.

imploadingstar says:

Dump her, seriously man have some self respect. The hell are you grovelling and begging someone to be your partner, let alone someone like that? YUCK.

Comprehensive-Deal59 says:

Are the both of you really not tired playing these games at this age?

island_lord830 says:

NTA (Not the A^@!ole). You kept pushing for over a year to be in an exclusive relationship. She repeatedly shot you down. That hurts. She only finally came around to agreeing to the relationship because she was forced to see that other women want you and can take you.

You have romantic options. So you may be an idiot for staying with her because she only formalized the relationship after realizing she could be replaced.

stavrs says:

Did she said you're exclusive? Probably not, so NTA.

What do you think? Was OP right to hook up with Lisa?

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