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Man kicks out fiancée after she kicked out his daughter's black BF for falling asleep.

Man kicks out fiancée after she kicked out his daughter's black BF for falling asleep.


Moving in with someone isn't always the smoothest transition. Syncing up mourning routines, chores, and sharing a space complicates any relationship. On a popular Reddit thread in the Am I the A**hole Subreddit, one woman learns the dangers of not being keyed into all the information of her fiancé's home.

Her fiancé writes:

So my fiancée just moved in with me and my daughter (16). I’m working on syncing our routines and informing her of everything we do around the house.

I forgot about my daughter's boyfriend, who usually comes over every Tuesday and Thursday. He has basketball. I pick up him and my daughter from school, drop them both off, and they walk back to the house together because I have to go back to work. I hadn’t told my fiancée this; however, she does know she has a boyfriend. She doesn’t know the schedule we have. (She has never met him yet)

Teenagers have done worse stuff than this.

They got home before I did and watched a show on the couch in the living room and fell asleep. They were fine until my fiancée walked in and blew her sh*t. She ripped the covers off them, telling him to get the f*ck up and get out before she called the cops, grabbed my daughter from her spot, and started accusing him of doing things not consensually.

Not putting a good leg forward as a future stepmother.

Even after my daughter profusely told her that she was her boyfriend, she just said that my daughter was covering up for him and decided to get him out of the house without any of his stuff and throwing insults at his appearance.

OP reviewed the game tape.

My daughter told me, I reviewed the video I have on the camera, so I know this is true. I talked to my fiancée about this, and she said it was my fault for not telling her. I said she should’ve stopped when my daughter told her and, at the very least, read the room. Does she think they’d be in the living room if she was covering up for him? With a camera? And not trying to hide him anywhere when they heard her come in?

I said she was an adult but handled this situation with ridiculous immaturity. She tried saying that she was looking after my daughter, but I said that that was not looking out for her, and she acted like a child about this, not an adult. She physically removed a child from his seat, accused him of doing something with no knowledge of what happened and no proof whatsoever, then forced him out the door and insulted his appearance.

Uh-oh, someone is in trouble.

She kept saying she was trying to help, and I asked what would be helpful about forcing a child out of the house with no resources for transportation. His parents came over and requested she not be there. I asked my fiancée to leave while they came over, or I could find a spot halfway to meet.

It doesn't feel good being kicked out despite having good intentions.

My fiancée got pissed that I told her to leave while they were over, saying I was kicking her out of her home, though I did say that if not, I could meet them halfway. However, her argument is that I put her in a spot to look like an a**hole even after all of this if she says no, and I knew what I was doing with that question and pressuring her out of the house.

The internet agrees that OP's fiancée is demonstrating major red flags.

gr8teacher says:

Please say this is an ex-fiancée, you just dodged a big mistake. Not an AH (A**hole).

silly_vengeful_sloth says:

NTA (Not the A**hole). But if you don’t heed the huge red flags immediately, then you will be! She was rude and disrespected both your daughter and her bf. Curious as to why you said your soon-to-be-ex fiancée made fun of his appearance. Is he a different race or “social class,” or what?

Some want to know the racial motivations at play.

SerenXanthe says:

Does anyone get the vibe that OP, fiancee, and daughter are white, and the daughter's boyfriend isn't?

OP confirmed:

Yes he is African American.

rubyred928 says:

Do you want a racist wife in your life or your daughter's life? For your daughter's sake and the sake of your relationship with her, you should dump the fiance

Celticfire28 says:

And there it is. The real reason she acted the way she did and didn't believe your daughter. If he had been white, I guarantee she wouldn't have done anything other than wake them up and calmly ask your daughter if this was her boyfriend. Don't marry her. You got lucky this time because she didn't call the police with her racist accusations.

OP finished up by writing:

I'm not saying I’m trying to salvage the relationship and let this slide; I’m just trying to plan the right thing to do next. (Have her move out end items,) it’s also the fact that if she’s acting like this now when I’m asking her to leave for a few moments, I can’t imagine the meltdown that will happen when I do tell her to leave, so yeah, I’m just figuring out a good way to go about this without some sh*t happening. clearly, we have much bigger reactions to things than I thought, so I’m handling it with caution

The internet has sentenced your fiancé to perpetual racial awareness training.

Sources: Reddit
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