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Man asks if was wrong to tell GF her lasagna was 'ruining' everyone's flight.

Man asks if was wrong to tell GF her lasagna was 'ruining' everyone's flight.


Flying is tough, especially with a significant other. When this man is conflicted about his girlfriend's lasagna, he asks the popular Reddit forum:

'AITA for telling my gf she was ruining other people’s flight?'

My gf ordered lasagna in the airport terminal right before boarding, knowing we didn’t have time to eat it before we boarded. We boarded right after she received her food. After we sat down, before taking off, she opened it up and started eating.

I didn’t say anything at first, but then a flight attendant approached and said in an informative way (i.e., not overly positive or negative), “oh you’re the person eating lasagna. we can smell it throughout the whole plane”. And then she left us.

At that point I did lean over to my gf and suggested she not eat it on the plane because my interpretation of the flight attendant’s comment was a passive-aggressive way of telling my gf that everyone could smell her lasagna throughout the plane and that it would be best to put it away for the sake of others who might not appreciate the strong smell of her food.

GF put up a bit of a fuss and didn’t want to put it away at which point I told her it was likely ruining other people’s flight experience having to smell her food. She didn’t take kindly to those words. AITA?

Let's find out.

honda500hellowhy writes:

YTA. OP only got on her case about it when the flight attendant made a (neutral) comment. Maybe the flight attendant was hungry, and thought it smelled delicious.

And frankly if the airline had affordable, palatable meals for sale on board, OP's GF likely wouldn't have had to bring her own meal in the first place. Folks are allowed to make comments to your GF without you doubling down and trying to shame her for her perceived mistakes

boopdaboop disagrees:

NTA. I would have been self conscious after the flight attendants comment, but also at that point the “damage” is already done so it doesn’t really matter? Also lasagna seems like an odd thing to bring on a flight while people are boarding.

specialist555 writes:

YTA. who cares. That particular flight attendant was just being unnecessarily ridiculous. Maybe she was hangry. People grab food and eat it all the time on the plane. And with airport prices that lasagna should not get cold nor go to waste. And frankly there are worst things I have smelled on a plane. Lasagna smells good to me. Let her eat her lasagna.

Well, the jury's out. What do YOU think?

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