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Man leaves $700,000 estate to ex instead of wife and future kid; ex wants to keep it. AITA?

Man leaves $700,000 estate to ex instead of wife and future kid; ex wants to keep it. AITA?


"My ex left me the majority of his estate (amounts to $700,000). His parents demand that I leave it to his wife and child"...

My ex and I were together for almost 20 years. We never got married because it never felt necessary and we were child-free. I had problems with BC so he chose vasectomy. I found out that he cheated on me 3 years ago and I left him.

He got with his AP. 6 months later I heard that they were married. I found out that I was pregnant with my current bf a year into dating and even though we still weren’t “there” in the relationship, we thought that we could make it happen and sure enough we are very happy, and we love our little family very much.

My ex kept texting me on occasions like birthdays and holidays (I never answered ) but when he heard about my daughter, he sent me a lengthy and hurtful text about me cheating on him and he never texted me again (I never answered). A few months later, he passed away. This was about 4 months ago. His wife is apparently giving birth anytime now. I was surprised.

I was contacted by a solicitor to tell me that I have inherited my ex’s estate. He had left everything to me, besides some to his parents pension and his nephew. I got a letter from him apologizing for what he did and saying that he loved me, and wished me and my family happiness and he wanted to help with that.

Now his wife and parents are very angry and demand that I leave them everything. I don’t know. Wibtah if I kept it, because that is what I want actually, and what he wanted?

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

Icy-Ad-7767 said:

Hire a lawyer. Get lawyer to take care of the details. Don’t spend this money as any and all moneys from the estate to them should have been taken care of by probate but they may contest the will. You are not obligated to give any of that money back unless ordered by the court.

Global_Reference_746 said:

Damn. All my exes just gave me trauma and tears. Alright mister big.

LilChisai said:

NTA. His current wife cheated on him and he knew. That's why he left everything to you. Block all of them and go NC. It's a gift and it's yours to keep. DO NOT give them anything.

Cool_Star2808 said:

It was his wish for you to receive the money. It would be most respectful to honor his wishes, even if other people aren't happy with that. I'd block them and move on.

MaryContrary26 said:

NTA Your ex's affair partner and her family can "demand" whatever they want. I wouldn't even engage with them.

sickBhagavan said:

Keep the money. Who knows if the kid is even his, since he got vasectomy. Not impossible but very unlikely the child is even his. It’s not like he set it decade ago and never changed it. He actively decided to give it to you for your family. Keep it and block everyone who disagrees.

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this situation?

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