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Man bullies coworkers for playing the lottery but expects payout when they win big.

Man bullies coworkers for playing the lottery but expects payout when they win big.


Nobody likes a buzz-kill! If it brings you joy and hurts no one then I say keep the party going. On a popular Reddit thread in the Am I the A**hole Subreddit, one buzzkill learns a harsh lesson.

WIBTA if I don't give any lottery money to a coworker who made fun of me.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

I organize the lottery club at my work. We do it legally with the contract available from the lottery website. There are ten of us who put in money every week for a chance to win.

We had a new guy join the crew, and as always, we offered him a chance to join the pot. It is only $20 a week, and we can all afford it. Yes, I know it's silly, and the odds are low that we'll ever win back our money. But this guy didn't just join; he kept bugging us every week when we lost. Even the week we won $390 each, he would not shut up about how that is less than we spend yearly on the lotto.

The new guy is a d*ck.

Two weeks ago, he brought in a picture of some stuff he had bought. He said he paid what we each blow in five years on the lottery.

I don't know why he can't just say no, thank you. It's not my thing. It's a harmless fantasy, and we aren't harming anyone.

Well, we won last week. Each of us will get low six figures after taxes—obviously not the jackpot but still a substantial amount.

Rub it in his face.

Now he is pissed that he isn't part of the team. Some of the crew want to pay him off. I said I was taking my total share, and they could pay him from what was left if they wanted.

Eventually, nobody wanted to split just their winnings with him, and he is still grumbling about it.

I don't think we owe him anything. We did buy our office a sweet a** lunch after we won. He was a d*ck. But some other guys think we should throw him a grand or something.

Outrageous-Throat556 says:

Imagine he bought lottery tickets every week at a gas station, and then one week he stopped buying them. A few weeks later, he found out that a winning ticket was purchased at that same gas station, and he goes and tells the clerk he's entitled to part of the cash prize because he used to buy them there. Not anymore, but he used to.

Hell Nah. NTA (Not the A**Hole).

Deejo49 says:

I'd 'throw him' a picture of where you plan on going on vacation, or the lottery check.

subsailor1968 says:

NTA. Why on earth would you owe him anything aside from a postcard from the tropical vacation you will be taking? The one that says “having a great time, glad you’re not here”…

Congrats on your win, OP! Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy you space for an a**hole co-worker.

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