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Man tells son to cover 'man boobs' if he's uncomfortable with his sister not wearing bras. AITA?

Man tells son to cover 'man boobs' if he's uncomfortable with his sister not wearing bras. AITA?


My son thinks I'm fat shaming him because I asked him to wear a shirt to cover his "man boobs."

Dadalert1990 writes:

My daughter (16F) got into an argument with her brother (15M) because she sometimes doesn't wear bras around the house. She's still covered, but she just wears a t-shirt instead. She said that wearing bras is painful and it makes her uncomfortable. So I didn't mind it.

However, my son recently started expressing his discomfort and said that it makes him uncomfortable, and she should start wearing bras again. My daughter heard this and got upset, saying that she wasn't bothering anyone. He said that he was bothered by it and that she should cover up.

I told her that if he's uncomfortable, then maybe she can just put on a bra when she leaves her room. She got upset and told me that it's unfair that she has to wear a bra when her brother doesn't have to cover his "man boobs." He got upset at this and accused her of making fun of him. I told him that she wasn't making fun of him and told him that it was a fair statement.

I told him that if she's also uncomfortable, then he should start wearing a shirt when he leaves his room. He started crying and accused me of calling him fat, which confused me as those words never came out of my mouth.

I felt bad and wanted to let my son know that he misinterpreted what I meant, but when I went to talk to him, he just told me to leave him alone and wouldn't stop crying, so I decided to give him some space.

My wife told me that I know how sensitive our son could be about his weight and I should've been nicer about it. This made me feel extremely bad, and I tried to apologize to him again, but he just ignored me and wouldn't even speak or look at me. I thought I was just being fair, but I don't know.

Here are the top comments:

Danivelle says:

Tell your son that it is not any woman's job to make him comfortable. He shouldn't be looking at his sister that way anyway.

Phoebebee323 says:

Tell your son to keep his eyes up.

MasterGas9570 says:

YTA (You're the A^@*ole) for not correcting your son's behavior. NTA (Not the A^@#ole) for responding to your daughter's comment with a like for like suggestion that he wear a shirt - You need to get your son in therapy if he is sees your daughter to a degree that her breasts not in a bra, under a t-shirt, makes him uncomfortable.

And also therapy for taking the same-same suggestion and turning it into an issue about his weight. If the son can go completely topless, the daughter can go braless.

ocPsychoticHottie says:

You're approaching it wrong. You tell your son to stop sexualizing his sister and imposing his insecurities on her autonomy like a creep. YTA for anything less.

astrotekk says:

Wow. YTA! If he's uncomfortable he shouldn't stare at her chest. Unbelievable you asked her to wear a bra at home. No one does that. And also because you're more worried about hurting your son's feelings than his creepy thoughts about his sister.

What do you think? Is OP wrong to make his daughter wear a bra.

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