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Man 'mentally checks out' during Drag Queen brunch, 'I was super disappointed.' AITA?

Man 'mentally checks out' during Drag Queen brunch, 'I was super disappointed.' AITA?


"AITAH for mentally checking out during a Drag Queen Show?"

Last week, my wife (35F) found a Drag Brunch event at a restaurant and asked me (37M) if I wanted to go with her. I've personally never been to a drag queen show before and never really had a strong opinion about them. I agreed to go mainly because it had the magic word for me: Brunch. The event also boasted unlimited drinks.

I've been dieting for a while now, so the occasional unrestricted meal is a huge treat for me. On the way there, my mind is filled with things like Eggs Benedict, Croque Madame and huge slices of French Toast with Bloody Marys and Screwdrivers. I was sure the show itself would at least be entertaining too.

It turns out that the actual brunch was some BS! It was just a couple of basic things prepared in bulk and set out on steam trays served buffet style. Scrambled eggs, pancakes, home fries and bacon (precooked!).

The "unlimited drinks" was just mimosas that tasted like 95% orange juice. I was super disappointed at this elementary school cafeteria breakfast display and I wasn't planning on drinking 63 cups of sugary juice just to catch a buzz.

My wife didn't seem to care and she still wanted to have fun at the show, but the mood was spoiled for me. I wasn't going to stop my wife from having fun, so I just ended up spending most of the show with my phone under the table surfing Reddit and looking up nearby places we could go to eat after. I did chuckle a few times at the emcee because she did a little stand up comedy, but not much more than that.

I argued with my wife during the drive home. She said I was acting weird, being disrespectful and misogynistic to the performers. I'm no expert, but I don't think that misogyny applies in this situation.

I said that I don't have any issue with the performers because I assume they were part of an entertainment company that the restaurant hired and they did what they were paid to do. I was just mad about the food.

She said the food doesn't matter in a drag brunch. I said it does matter because Brunch is literally 50% of the event title and it would be like if the drag queens were just random dudes plucked from the street and told to walk around the floor with balloons stuffed in their shirts.

I personally thought it was an apt comparison, but my wife doesn't agree. So AITAH for my behavior at this event and upsetting my wife?

Here's what top commenters had to say about this:

How-I-Really-Feel said:

It’s funny you fell for the “unlimited drinks.” Everyone knows it’s just weak mimosas.

CrispityCraspits said:

NTA; going to a drag brunch and getting offended because the brunch sucks is hilarious.

Ok-Pair9422 said:

I don't know about misogynistic, but I do agree being on your cell phone during a performance, regardless of the performance or venue, is a faux pas and disrespectful to the performers, yes (and indirectly to your wife's feelings, who was hoping you would enjoy yourself and wanted to share her good time with you). These people have put their energy, time and rehearsing into their performance.

itsnotimportant2021 said:

NTA, but your wife is right that those Drag Brunches are all about the Drag and not at all about the Brunch.

Ok-Season-3433 said:

NTA. Why is everyone jumping on OP for simply not enjoying his time? He didn’t make a stink and he’s under no obligation to enjoy it!

Cynis_Ganan said:

NTA. You don't have to enjoy anything and playing on your phone means you didn't walk out mid performance.

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this couple and their future brunches?

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