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Man plans to break up with 'insatiable eater' GF after she gained 60+ pounds. AITA?

Man plans to break up with 'insatiable eater' GF after she gained 60+ pounds. AITA?


"WIBTA if I break up with my GF over her weight?"

I (28m) am 6'5" 200 lbs and go to the gym 3 times a week and go for jogs daily. I met my GF (24) at the gym about 2 years ago. She's smaller and was thin at the time, she was cute and funny and we hit it off really well.

Almost a year ago we decided to move in together and I noticed then she had gained a couple pounds but didn't think anything of it. Ever since then she has consistently put on more and more weight. Easily 60+ pounds now. Of course she no longer works out either.

I find her eating habits and appearance gross now. The thin girl I was so attracted too has been replaced by an insatiable eater. She eats bags of candy and wants fast food for every meal.

The apartment we are renting lease is ending in April... she has been hinting at wanting to get married but I'm thinking of cutting her and the apartment free at lease end. So my question is...WIBTA if I dump my girlfriend because she has gained so much weight I'm no longer attracted to her?


I'm going to talk to her tomorrow about... well everything. Maybe she is depressed... that's what a lot of people are suggesting. A lot of you are right, it's not fair of me to keep this all to myself and just drop a Nuke when the lease is up.

Hopefully she will understand where I'm coming from and I'll be able to have more answers then questions.

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

Cream-of-Mushrooom said:

The way you talk about her I find it wild you would care about how you are perceived.

Waste-Dragonfly-3245 said:

YTA for how you speak about her, she can always change her weight but you can’t fix your personality.

1visa said:

NTA, but have you spoken to her about this? A mature discussion about this would be good before making any decisions. You would be an AH if you break up without even talking to her about the problem you are having first.

Ok_Chemical_4435 said:

By all means, break up with her. She deserves better than someone judging her so harshly. Yes, YTA, but you’ll be a bigger one if you only stay with her to not seem like one.

CptKUSSCryAllTheTime said:

NTA for wanting to break up. Everyone has the right to breakup with someone for whatever reason. YTA for coming to the internet and calling someone an “insatiable blob." You could have said your peace without being an insulting.

Altruistic-Clothes42 said:

YTA for making her believe you actually loved her when it was just her looks that you were after. But NTA for having a type and her not being it (anymore). It happens - just break it off. Who knows, she may use it as motivation to lose weight and find another guy, hopefully this time one who actually loves her for something that’s more than skin deep.

While the opinions were fairly divided here, most people felt that OP would be in the wrong if he didn't explain his reasons for ending the relationship. What's your advice for this hopefully soon-to-be ex-couple?

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