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Man refuses to take pregnant GF to hospital because she's 'dramatic about pregnancy.'

Man refuses to take pregnant GF to hospital because she's 'dramatic about pregnancy.'


Cis men will never understand pregnancy and how difficult and scary it can be. If your partner is pregnant, your best bet is to listen to what they need and ensure they are cared for.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Am I the A**hole Subreddit, a man refuses to take his pregnant girlfriend to the hospital because he thinks she's 'taking advantage of being pregnant.'

He writes:

I (27 M) and my girlfriend (21 F) are expecting our first baby at the beginning of May. This pregnancy has been nothing short of chaotic. My girlfriend has never experienced pregnancy, and she’s terrified to give birth, so any feeling of discomfort, she freaks out.

I understand that pregnancy is hard and scary, and my girlfriend doesn’t have her family around to help her, so she’s probably experiencing a lot of anxiety. I’m not trying to downplay that. I’m frustrated because I feel like she’s taking advantage of getting me to do things for her just because she’s pregnant.

We got into a fight a few days ago. She insisted that she didn’t feel good and thought something was wrong with the baby. She wanted to go to the hospital to make sure everything was okay. We’ve been to the hospital for this kind of 'emergency' almost four times since the beginning of her pregnancy.

I had to go to work because we were severely understaffed, so I told her that if she still didn’t feel good tonight, we could ensure everything was okay. She got upset with me and told me I never take her pain seriously. I told her I couldn’t drop everything whenever she felt discomfort. Pregnancy is uncomfortable. We argued some more then I left for work.

When I got home, I asked if she was feeling better, but she wouldn’t tell me. She has stopped talking to me about her pregnancy now, and I feel like she is being manipulative. She’s withholding information about my child because I didn’t drop everything to take her to the hospital again.

I tried explaining my side of things to her, and I apologized, but she was still mad at me. My girlfriend treats me like an a**hole, but I feel she isn’t seeing how frustrated and tired I am from dropping everything for her. AITA?

7hr0wn says:

YTA (You're the A**hole) - Your wife is pregnant, and you're minimizing her symptoms as 'discomfort.' Buddy, you should have thought of this before you got her pregnant. You're locked in this rollercoaster now, and you're just getting started. If she doesn't have family around, then you're it. You should let your work know she's pregnant, and you'll have many sudden absences.

WolfGoddess77 says:

YTA. I'm sure your girlfriend knows her body better than you do. Pregnancy is hard at the best of times, to say nothing of it being her first time, and she's terrified. If she says she wants to go to the hospital, she's not doing it just for giggles or because she thinks she can make you do whatever she wants.

It's because she's genuinely frightened. What will you do when she says she thinks she might be in labor? Blow her off because she's being manipulative and overreacting?

ladytypeperson says:

'I’m nearing 30 and knocked up someone barely old enough to drink. My GF has no support system but me, which is normal and not suspicious. The OB told her she had a high-risk pregnancy, but that shouldn’t mean I must help her extra, right? By extra, I mean anything outside of my normal routine.'

What’s going to happen when the kid comes? Maybe read a parenting book or something. You are not prepared. Also YTA.

NeeliSilverleaf says:

YTA. She should leave you. She is due to give birth NEXT MONTH. If something goes wrong, it could go very wrong, very fast.

You might have left your co-workers shorthanded. She could have died of eclampsia or been in premature labor. Those are not the same.

OP, pregnancy is way more important and serious than work. LISTEN TO YOUR GIRLFRIEND!

Sources: Reddit
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