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Man tells Indian GF not to wear 'Indian clothes' because it's out of place in America.

Man tells Indian GF not to wear 'Indian clothes' because it's out of place in America.


Interracial relationships are more common today than ever before. Do they work? Absolutely! Do they work all the time? Absolutely not! If you are in an interracial relationship, remember to respect your partner's culture.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Am I the A**hole Subreddit, one American learns that 'professional' attire looks different in cultures worldwide.

He writes:

I (27M) am American, and my girlfriend (28 F) is British and ethnically half-Indian. She is not religious and is culturally very British, speaks with a British accent, etc.

We live in the US and recently started living together. She works at a tech company. I noticed about half the days when she goes to work; she dresses in Indian clothes; even her heels are shiny gold or silver. She looks cute, and I think it is fine for a party or festival, but it looks really out of place for the American workplace.

I have Indian friends in America, and the women dress western here except for festivals. I told her to tone it down as it looks out of place in America, and she might face discrimination, and some of the heels look too unprofessional for the workplace. I work at a bank, and everyone is dressed in formal attire.

She got upset and told me she would wear whatever she pleased and was acting cold toward me. I did not push it as, ultimately, it is her choice, and she can face the consequences. Was I the AH here? She does not even like India and criticizes the place all the time and the politics there, and she identifies as British.

OP shared that her outfit would be like this.

The internet will decide what's unprofessional.

summerstorm74 says:

YTA (You're the A**hole) very much. You’re worried about discrimination, but it sounds like you’re the only one with a problem with it. Indian clothes are not inappropriate in the workplace. There are formal clothes from India that are perfectly appropriate, like those in the photo you shared. Also, just because she criticizes India’s politics does not mean she doesn’t identify with Indian culture.

Specialist-Vanilla-3 says:

YTA there’s nothing unprofessional about this outfit. You keep leaning into how your gf is British but make no mistake, she’s also Indian. Also, if no one has complained at work about what she wears, then you’re creating discord where there isn’t any. Perhaps you’re the one who’s bothered.

bluebloodsydney says:

YTA. When I read the title of this post I assumed your gf worked in trades or perhaps the legal profession where there’s a set dress code. But it’s tech!! If she hasn’t gotten any complaints from her work, it’s totally fine and not your place to butt in. The fact that you went out of your way to make this an issue gives me the impression that you’re either too controlling or subtly racist.

OP, your American is showing right now. Let your girlfriend decide for herself what she wants to wear.

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