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Woman refuses to babysit after son says she's 'too country' to be around his kids.

Woman refuses to babysit after son says she's 'too country' to be around his kids.


My son never let me close to my grandchild, but now that he's divorced, he asks me to babysit, and I say no, AITA?

FaithlessnessWild215 writes

My son was married to Emma. They got married and had a kid. My son doubted whether he was the father and got a DNA test.

He wasn't, but has been in the kid's life for four years. His name is on the birth certificate, so he is legally responsible and still loves the kid.

My issue is that I was never allowed near the grandkids before they divorced. I asked to babysit, but they both cited that my home was unsafe and they did not trust me with a baby, even though I raised four kids. They wouldn't even bring the kid to family events like Christmas or my son's sibling's homes.

I know I am more 'country' than them, but it deeply hurt me. My other kids' relationship with him is strained because they believe he looks down on them after getting a city job.

After the divorce, he has the kid almost 50 percent of the time and keeps asking me to babysit. I told him I would not babysit the kid since she was not my grandkid, and you made it clear I wasn't good enough to babysit when you thought she was your kid.

It was a huge argument, and now he thinks I'm awful. He wants someone to parent because he can no longer rely on his ex-wife.

Here are some of the top comments from the post.

Lady_Kaya says:

NTA (Not the A#%hole). It's not about the DNA, it's about snubbing you before.

National-Cry222 says:

NTA. he can’t just burn bridges and wonder why he can’t cross them.

Mera1506 says:

NTA. This has more to do with his behavior towards you when he was married than the kid not being your biological grandkid. But now that he needs help, Grandma is safe and fine. He probably expects free babysitting.

I suspect the kid being kept away from your family was more the ex's doing than your son's. I'd like to hear why she would with old him, not just from grandma, but most of the family. If you are going to babysit, do it for the market rate.

What do you think? Should OP give her kid a break and babysit his kid, or is she right to tell her son to kick rocks?

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