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Man tells sister she was the 'golden child,' 'my parents think I'm a monster;' AITA?

Man tells sister she was the 'golden child,' 'my parents think I'm a monster;' AITA?


Most parents claim that they love all of their kids in unique ways and there could never possibly be a 'favorite,' but unfortunately actions can speak louder than words...

So, when a conflicted brother decided to vent to the moral compass of the internet otherwise known as Reddit's 'Am I the A$hole' about his lawyer sister stealing the spotlight of his childhood, people were ready to hear all the details of this family drama.

AITA for telling my sister she was the golden child and never cared to acknowledge it?

My family (2 year old twins and my wife Susan 23F) and I (24M) was invited to my parents' house for a family dinner along with my other siblings and their families.

That includes my older brother Max 26M his wife Megan 24F, and my sister Chloe 30F, her wife Bella 28F and their daughter 5F.

Chloe has always been my parents' favorite. They only cared about her achievements, her success and her ambitions in life because it clearly reflected their own interests.

They always ignored Max and I. Now, they're doing the same with Chloe's daughter Ava.

Ava has a room in my parents' home. They got her a horse to ride when she's a bit older, and they just adore her to the moon and back.

Same can't be said about any of us. So while we were having dinner dad asked about Chloe's job.

She's a lawyer like him so they had this lengthy conversation about how amazing Chloe was at work and how dad hoped Chloe would take over his role at the firm one day.

After the conversation I asked dad if he would like to know about Max's and my career too. He said sure. The conversation lasted 10 seconds for each of us.

So I told Chloe as she could see by the conversation, she was always the favorite child. She denied it of couse. But I said it has always been this way.

Chloe asked me to elaborate. I told her all the things I said here. The part where I may be TA is that our traditional parents even came to terms with her being gay while if Max or I was gay it would never be accepted this way.

This escalated to an argument which ended with Chloe and Bella leaving with Ava and our parents being pissed at Max and I.

My parents think I'm a monster. I however think it needed to be said. Aita?

Here's what the jury of internet strangers had to say about this one:

CuriousTsukihime said:

YTA - I hate passing this judgement dude, but I say ahole because of time, place, and context. You came across as someone who wasn’t getting the attention they wanted and decided to drag your sister to prove a point.

I feel for you, I actually do, but there was no argument to warrant this. No one was up in arms. This could’ve been a private conversation between siblings or in therapy to address this issue but you wanted a public soapbox.

Using her sexuality as a talking point was a low blow, especially in this setting. Please invite your sister to lunch, apologize, and explain yourself. Then talk this out with a professional, there’s clearly a lot here you want to say and need to deal with.

WaywardPrincess1025 said:

I really don’t understand why you had to call out your sister instead of your parents? Also, your niece is 5. Why are you jealous of a 5 year old. So far, Chloe and her family seem innocent in the whole thing. So, YTA, if you have an issue with your parents treatment of you, tell your parents.

l3ex_G said:

NTA I don’t understand how grandparents can have one bedroom for a specific grandchild and not all. Realistically i would have gotten my own room with my grandma but she didn’t let the others know I was her favorite.

That seems really cruel of them. Your issue should be directed to your parents and if they aren’t treating your kid right maybe you and max should step back. Also your sister should be helping in calling out the parents for favoring only their kid.

CaptBlackfoot said:

YTA, sounds insecure and jealous. Nobody wanted to talk about your jobs and you forced them into the conversation just so you could prove a point.

So, there you have it...

Everyone agreed fairly unanimously here that while these parents should be more aware of how they treat their adult children and grandchildren, this conversation about 'the golden child' didn't need to escalate in the way it did.

There's a time to grow up and stop competing with your siblings for the attention of your parents, and having your own careers and families is a good time to start.

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