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Man tells wife her 'obsession' with Taylor Swift is getting 'strange.' 'She spent $3,000 on tickets.' AITA?

Man tells wife her 'obsession' with Taylor Swift is getting 'strange.' 'She spent $3,000 on tickets.' AITA?


"AITA for telling my wife her Taylor Swift obsession is odd?"

My (26m) wife (26f) has an obsession with Taylor Swift. I’m not sure if I’m venting so much as asking for advice, this just feels so weird. We’ve been together for 7 years and she never really mentioned Taylor swift in the beginning of the relationship, but some time around 2020 maybe 2019 Taylor Swift started getting bigger in her life.

She spent $3k on tickets to see Taylor in concert earlier this year and it’s about 90% of the music she listens to. We are having a wedding next year and she insists that our first dance song must be something Taylor Swift.

She watches every Kansas City Chiefs game now because Taylor will be there. I’ve brought it up before to her that this seems really odd to me, she’s 26 years old, but she brushes it off and gets mad when I bring it up.

Is this a normal thing for adult women and I should just pay it no mind or is this strange?

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

RudelyStampd said:

You should get a say in what your wedding song is though- tell her you both have to like it, it’s not just her wedding and if you don’t like the music and she doesn’t respect that it’s pretty messed up.

Tasty_Goal said:

Taylor swift is her hobby. It’s perfectly fine. You probably wouldn’t think it was strange if a guy spent thousands on sports tickets or merch. Or if a guy spent a few thousand on his cars. It’s great that she has a hobby that brings her so much joy.

pizza_toast102 said:

She’s like literally Taylor’s target demographic so it doesn’t seem abnormal. None of this seems like an obsession as long as her spending isn’t unaffordable.

adrirocks2020 said:

Mostly YTA let your wife enjoy things, if she can comfortably afford 3k for tickets why not? It was a once in a life time experience. I’m sure there is something you are super in to like sports but people don’t act like men are crazy for spending that much on sports stuff. I bet you wouldn’t say anything to a guy friend who spent 3k on a PC and made gaming his main hobby…

hauntedmaze said:

The only thing you have a point in is you both need to agree on the first dance song and should compromise on a playlist you both like and your guests would enjoy.

SeasonProfessional87 said:

idk if it’s normal, my brothers girlfriend is a die hard fan too. she’s my roommate, all she plays is her, she also spent an ungodly amount of money on tickets, has soooo much merch it’s the only thing we know to get her for christmas. she has all the cups and popcorn bowl from the movie. it’s insanely weird to me, she is 27- 28.

chibbledibs said:

She likes a musician. This isn’t that odd. I do think you should both agree on your wedding song.

UnluckyCountry2784 said:

YTA definitely. She’s 26 and she’s a fan of TS? Taylor is turning 34. She spends money on concerts? Duh of course, you would want to see your favorite artists perform live.

She watches Chief’s game because of her. Did she personally went to stadiums? I wonder what your hobbies are that you find her behavior weird. I mean, it’s not like she’s messing her life by being a fan.

The opinions were slightly divided for this one, but most people felt that the man was in the wrong for shaming his girlfriend's passions. What are your thoughts?

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