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Lottery winner refuses to share 'newfound wealth' with GF, ends the relationship. AITA?

Lottery winner refuses to share 'newfound wealth' with GF, ends the relationship. AITA?


"AITAH for not sharing my lottery winnings with my girlfriend?"

Context: I recently won a significant amount of money in the lottery. My girlfriend and I had been dating for two years, but things took a turn for the worse when she found out about my winnings. She demanded that I give her a large portion of the money, claiming that we had been together for a long time and she deserved it.

Story: After winning the lottery, I was excited about the possibilities it could bring to my life. However, when I shared the news with my girlfriend, she immediately started pressuring me to give her a substantial amount of the winnings. She argued that we had been together for a significant amount of time and that she had supported me throughout our relationship.

I explained to her that the money was a personal windfall and that I had plans for it, such as investing in my future and taking care of my family. I also mentioned that we had never discussed sharing finances or making joint decisions about money before.

Despite my explanations, my girlfriend became increasingly angry and accused me of being selfish and greedy. She claimed that I was prioritizing money over our relationship and that I should be willing to share my newfound wealth with her.

Feeling overwhelmed and hurt by her demands, I decided to end the relationship. I believed that her insistence on my giving her the money was unfair and showed a lack of understanding and respect for my personal boundaries.

Now, I'm questioning whether I made the right decision and if I am the A**hole in this situation.

INFO: I won 200k from the lottery. She demanded AT LEAST 150k. (When you say supported how did she support you?) We have never had to financially support eachother or anything so you could say moral support.

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

Regular-Switch454 said:

She accused you of being greedy and selfish? Pot meet kettle. Has she been a smarter gold digger, she would have played the long game by getting you to marry her so she could drain your bank account. NTA.

crazyhouse12 said:

NTA. She showed her true colors. You aren’t married, it isn’t a marital asset. You are better off staying with your decision to end it.

Laquila said:

NTA. Nobody gets to demand a share of your winnings. You can give her an amount of your choice, if you wish to. Or not. But this is the curse of lottery winners. Everyone has their hand out and no matter what you give them, it will likely not be enough. Or they'll blow it immediately and expect more. I wouldn't mind having that problem though. Except I'd keep my winnings secret.

No_Sample8132 said:

NTA You dodged a bullet. Enjoy your windfall!

W1ldy0uth said:

If I won the lottery, I would personally share some with my partner within reason. He has supported me in more ways than I can imagine and if I could make his life easier I would. Now if he demanded I give him my winnings, that would be a different story and I probably would’ve done the same thing you did. I think you made the right decision for yourself. NTA.

Jfrog1 said:

My best friend just came upon a windfall of money 400k its going to change his and his wifes life. He has only told a few select people. When he told me I was excited for him, and only asked what he planned on doing with the money to invest for his future, and his long term plans on housing etc. It honestly never would have occured to me to ask for anything. Because I am not an ahole.

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this lottery winner?

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