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Man asks if he was wrong to not pay fiancé's debt with money he won at casino.

Man asks if he was wrong to not pay fiancé's debt with money he won at casino.


Most Americans are in some debt. On a popular Reddit thread in the Am I the A**hole Subreddit, a man wins a jackpot and then refuses to use the money to pay off his fiancé's debt.

'AITA for not giving my fiancé any of the winnings to pay off her debt?'

I(31M) have been engaged to my current fiancé(34F) for two years. We are not rushing into getting married. My fiancé has been struggling with debt since she graduated from college. Her parents gave her a loan to help pay some of the debt. She works as a registered nurse and uses most of her paycheck to pay off the debt.

You can do an Ocean's 11 to pay off the debt.

Her most significant issue is that she loves to buy things that aren’t necessary. I didn’t know that she had three credit cards that she would use, which were already maxed out. We decided to go on a vacation and decided to have some fun at a casino.

Gambling sometimes pays off.

I put in a reasonable amount and ended up winning a large jackpot. The money was enough to put towards some of the bills and mortgage. My fiancé kept begging me to use all of the money on her debt, and I told her I was concerned about her going back into debt. She has been staying quiet and won’t talk to me unless it’s regarding the money.

Gambling also brings out the worst in people.

We invited her parents for dinner when we got home, and she told them how much I had won. Her parents were so happy and relieved that her mother asked if I would use the money on her debt. I explained to them that I would use the funds towards the bills, mortgage, and paying off some of my car loans. I love my fiancé but don’t trust her with the money.

I did deposit the money into my bank account. She did trash our entire room trying to find the money. Her family thinks that since I will be her husband, all my money should be hers. I feel that because I have concerns about her going back into debt, I do not trust her with this large amount of money. AITA for not giving my fiancé any winnings to pay off her debt?

Complex-Guitar7097 says:

NTA (Not the A**hole). Lots of red flags here. You need to rethink marrying someone that would trash your room looking for money that isn't hers.

Livid-Flan says:

Dude, she trashed your room in an attempt to steal money that is legally yours. Check your credit report and set an alert in case she feels entitled to your credit as well. And then run, run like the wind. Nta (Not the A**hole).

Ginlover78 says:

NTA. And don't marry her!

OP usually it's the person that's gambling that has the problems but it seems your fiance should call the credit card addiction hotline.

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