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Man's parents check their home cameras and see DIL naked; he's pissed, she's not. AITA?

Man's parents check their home cameras and see DIL naked; he's pissed, she's not. AITA?


Even if you're house-sitting at your own parents' house, it's normal for people to check their security cameras when they go out of town, right?

So, when a conflicted man decided to vent to the moral compass of the internet otherwise known as Reddit's 'Am I the As$hole' about his parents accidentally catching his wife European sunbathing, people were there to help deem a verdict.

"AITA for being upset my parents checked cameras and saw my wife?"

My (28m) wife (26f, Jenny) and I are house sitting for my parents for two weeks while they are on vacation. They have a big house with a pool and a dog, and it's a nice change of pace from the apartment, so we were happy to do it.

I had to travel for work for two days this week, so my wife was alone at the house. I got a text from my dad on Thursday afternoon, saying 'might want to give Jenny a heads up the pool guy will be at the house anytime this afternoon.' I said 'ok', and he said 'might want to tell her, like, now.'

It was a confusing message so I texted Jenny to give her a heads up, and she just said 'omg ok funny.' It was all weird so I called her, and she said she was swimming and laying out with nothing on (it's a private yard).

I immediately texted my dad and asked how he knew Jenny was in the pool, and he said he and my mom were checking the house cameras and saw her.

I let him know I thought it was odd they checked the camera and saw her naked, and that they basically let me know they saw Jenny. They think I am completely missing the point, that they were looking out for her.

(I told Jenny that they had checked the cameras and saw her, and she was completely unbothered, said she figured, and appreciated the heads up. I asked if it bothered her that they saw her and she said I am totally overreacting.) AITA for calling out my parents for this?

Here's what the jury of internet strangers had to say about this mess...

MissSuzieSunshine said:

YTA. It's your parents house, they have every right to check the cameras while they are away. Your wife is the one who chose to lay out nude while at their house.

Your parents were trying to do her a favor by giving you a heads up that the pool guy was coming over. They could have just let the situation unfold as it would. So yeah, calling out your parents was an AHole thing to do.

GoreGoddezz said:

YTA. You're acting like they purposely watched her, and got off on it. Ffs. They probably did what normal people do, check their cameras. Especially since they knew a pool guy was coming.

A normal person would rationalize that they were embarrassed to see her, but didn't want a complete stranger...The pool guy...To walk in on her possibly causing a problem. So of course they brought it to your attention...As their child.

Scared_Fox_1813 said:

YTA. It is perfectly normal that your parents wanted to check the cameras at their house while they were away and honestly I think it’s a little weird that your wife was just hanging out naked at someone else’s house even if no one else is there.

Plus if she doesn’t care that your parents check the cameras and saw her naked then you should drop it, they didn’t see you naked so why is it such a big deal to you?

CannedAm said:

YTA It's their house. Of course they check the cameras when they're away. Your wife is not your property. You were not harmed here.

She knew there were cameras, she knew they'd be monitored, and she chose to swim and sunbathe knowing that. She's fine with it. What's your problem?

teacherladydoll said:

YTA. Sounds like they were respectful and not creepy about it.

PinkPrincess61 said:

YTA You know they have cameras. And you had to know they'd check them while they were gone, whether you were there or not.

Note to anyone planning on nude sunbathing at the in-laws...don't be surprised if you put on a show for the cameras.

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