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Mom has someone else's infant removed from Christmas train ride, 'if they can ride, then so can mine.' AITA?

Mom has someone else's infant removed from Christmas train ride, 'if they can ride, then so can mine.' AITA?


"AITA for getting an infant removed from a train ride?"

I (32f) attended a holiday festival tonight with my husband (33m) and 2 children (5f) and (1.5f). They had a little train ride that took you around to see Christmas lights and I knew the children would enjoy it.

I noticed a sign off to the side that listed the minimum height requirement to ride the train and to me it seemed like my youngest was tall enough. As we were entering, the train attendant informed me that he felt as if my youngest was too small for the ride and could not get on (he based this off of me carrying her, she was not walking so he was not able to see how tall she was).

As a result my husband and younger daughter did not board the train. I did not try to argue, I understand they have safety regulations.

As more people enter I see another family holding a child that was obviously smaller than mine that tried to sneak past the attendant and succeeded. They just so happen to sit right behind me.

As the attendant is doing his last sweep he either overlooks or didn’t care that the infant behind me was there. I waved him down and asked if the infant behind me was big enough for the ride, initially he said “I think so,” that was when I explained that that infant was obviously smaller than my child and if they can ride, then so can mine.

After a few extra looks he informed the family behind me that he thinks their infant is too small for the ride and therefore must get off. I can hear the women mutter something to the man behind me and as a result him calling me a “b#%ch." The man took the infant off the train and the women remained on the ride with another child.

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

Consistent_Fly_9246 said:

NTA. Prioritizing safety over convenience is commendable. Others should follow the rules, not resort to name-calling.

minidiscfgfd453 said:

You are not the ahole for questioning the fairness of the ride's height requirement. The attendant should apply the rules consistently and you were advocating for equal treatment.


NTA. The rules are there for a reason. Like you said. Safety. That being said, as much as I'd like to hope you did this for the child's safety...would you have said anything if they'd allowed your child on the ride too? If not, you did the right thing for the wrong reasons.

Happytequila said:

If you felt your child was tall enough based on the height requirement sign, why on earth did you not stand your child up to the sign for the attendant???

The fact that you didn’t argue and didn’t attempt to show that your child was tall enough, as you claim to think she was, makes me believe you actually KNEW she wasn’t tall enough…otherwise it would have been all too simple to prove that she was for the attendant. I think you were trying to sneak her on unnoticed, too.

Because of that, YTA. You were trying to do the same thing this other family did, and outed them because you were suddenly “concerned” about following rules.

Far-Juggernaut8880 said:

Such a gray area…because it doesn’t sound like you did it out of concern for the baby…kind of feels like you did it to prove a point knowing you were throwing another family under the bus. I hope you always go strictly by the rules yourself after all this. Cause karma has a way of teaching powerful lessons.

Spirited_Block250 said:

YTA. You 100% didn’t do this out of safety but for vengeance. That’s why YTA. Following rules isn’t what you did wrong, you’re in here asking because you know the answer to the question and you know why you did what you did, and you want the feeling alleviated cause you ruined their night the way you feel yours was ruined. Hope you feel happy with yourself for it :)

The opinions were fairly divided for this one, but what's your advice for this mom?

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