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Mom wants to homeschool her kid; cries when family tests her knowledge. AITA?

Mom wants to homeschool her kid; cries when family tests her knowledge. AITA?


Deciding how to educate your children can be a daunting choice for many parents, but homeschooling isn't just something you can master with one quick Google search...

So, when a conflicted sibling decided to consult the moral compass of the internet otherwise known as Reddit's 'Am I the As$hole' about their sister's homeschooling plans, people everywhere were eager to weigh in on the drama.

"AITA for making my sister cry since I quizzed her on her knowledge because she wants to homeschool her kid?"

I am going to get it out of the way and say I don’t like homeschooling. I thinks it is almost impossible to do correctly on social and educational development. This is coming from someone that went to a sh$tty public school.

So my sister was talking about homeschooling her kid, she said her and her husband will teach her. My sister and her husband are not the brightest people, much more physically labor people than understanding math.

I tried to ask if that was a good idea but she basically said how hard could it be. So I started quizzing her and these were not hard questions. For example, I asked what a verb was, name the planets, and a simple math problem (literally asked her to do division).

She could only name a few planets and she gave the definition for an adjective not a verb. Also just completely wrong with the math. It was kinda sad. I told her the right answer and asked if she can’t do it how will she teach the kid to read or any math. She called me a jerk and left to cry. Her husband is on my a$s but my mom thinks it a blessing. AITA?? I’m questioning myself.

Here's what the jury of internet strangers had to say about this mess...

DiorParty said:

NTA. Some people need a reality check once in a while. She is not equipped enough to properly educate her child for the world if she doesn't even know basic elementary school level concepts.

Sure, there are online tools but what happens when the child needs help understanding a concept? Just show them tons of youtube/Khan videos and hope that answers their question? They are setting their kid up to fail.

WholeAd2742 said:

NTA. Homeschooling is frankly a detriment unless the parent is actually trained and certified for the job.

PikesPique said:

NTA. You simply demonstrated that she's not qualified to teach. Yes, it embarrassed her, but I think that's OK given that you're simply trying to ensure her child gets a good education and is successful in the world.

SergemstrovigusNova said:

NTA She is deluded and you brought her back to reality. 'Beloved are the reality bringers' is not be found in any (holy) scripture.

Pondering-Out-Loud said:

NTA. Hope they take this lesson to heart and send their kid to school. If not, that kid's being set up to fail, and no parent has the right to do that.

I'm not saying that parents 'have' to be able to answer each and every one of those questions. But what clinches it for me is that the sister said 'how hard can it be?', because that is just a terrible attitude to have, and a gross underestimation of reality, especially when your own knowledge is lacking so severely.

Emmanulla70 said:

NTA. I agree with you 100%. I have a degree and 2 post grads. But i would not try to homeschool my children. Teaching is not my area of expertise. And to think anyone can teach children is arrogant and stupid. I would not play with my children's lives in that way.

Note to anyone planning to homeschool their attention to the score you get on your sibling's reality slap mock SAT exam.

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