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Mom tells daughter's father that his other kids aren't 'her problem.' AITA? UPDATED.

Mom tells daughter's father that his other kids aren't 'her problem.' AITA? UPDATED.


"AITA for telling my ex that his children are not my problem?"

I 34f have a 10-year-old daughter with my ex. We broke up 5 years ago because he got another woman pregnant. He has the weekends with our daughter.

Lately, my daughter has been complaining that her dad’s stepson is bullying her and her dad isn’t doing anything. My ex's stepson is 15 years old, so I was shocked when she told me that he would hit her, kick her, push her down the stairs.

And my ex would pretend like he didn’t know what’s going on. She also said that her half sister keeps taking her stuff I called my ex after she told me all this.

He said that it’s just kids being kids and that our daughter should get over it. He also said that his other kids need more attention so if my daughter can’t deal with that, she shouldn’t come over to his house.

I then yelled at his saying that I didn’t care about his other kids' problems, he should stop mistreating [daughters name], he then hung up on me and his wife wrote me a long text saying I’m an a-hole for saying that her kids aren’t my problem.

So am I the a-hole for saying my ex's kids aren’t my problem? PS: his kids aren’t special needs/don't have any disabilities.

Here's what top commenters had to say:

SnooWords4839 said:

Your daughter is 10, if she doesn't want to go to her father's home, please seek full custody! A 15-year-old hurting her, isn't ok.

NatashOverWorld said:

Every parent's priority is always their kids first. Which decent people can do without justifying their kids abusive behaviour like your ex and his wife. Standing up for your kids well being makes you a good parent. NTA.

Feisty_Irish said:

NTA. Those kids are not your problem. Please don't send your daughter over there anymore.

Ok-Abbreviations4510 said:

NTA but stop sending your child over there.


Thank you for all the advice I’ve been getting. I talked to my daughter about not going to her dads anymore she said that she still wants to see her dad because she loves him, but she feels like he doesn’t love her.

This upset me because no ten-year-old should feel that way. I texted my ex saying that if he would like to see her he should take her away from his house. If he would rather not see her I will take this up to curt and file for full custody.

He said he didn’t care if I wanted I could remove his parental rights he had his quote on quote 'real children' with him.

I also said that I will be pressing charges on his stepson. He just ignored that text so I’m taking him to court I also send the screenshot to my friend who’s a lawyer I might again update once everything if over.

Everyone here was team OP, and concerned for her daughter. What are your thoughts?

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