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Mom tells teen son's GF he's cheating on her, 'I can't believe my son said that.' AITA?

Mom tells teen son's GF he's cheating on her, 'I can't believe my son said that.' AITA?


"AITA for telling my son’s girlfriend that he was cheating on her then she broke up with him?"

I Jenna (32F) have a son jason (16M). He is a good boy and I have raised him by myself and raised him to be a good man, or so I thought. He had a beautiful girlfriend Sophia (16F) who I loved very much like she was my own child. She came around often and she was very kind to me and my son.

She loved my son very much and he loved her too. He was always telling me how pretty she was, and how much he loved her, and I thought it was very sweet. I had a Highschool sweetheart too, which is Jason’s dad, but we unfortunately got a divorce. Jason’s and Sophia’s relationship reminded me a lot like me and my ex husband.

I heard my son talking to a girl on the phone from his room as I was walking up to tell him that dinner was ready. I asked him “is that Sophia? Can I say hi?” He said it wasn’t Sophia, it was his girlfriend.

I was shocked by these words. I would never imagine my son cheating on a girl who loved him very much and he loved her too. I said “get off the phone and come down, dinner's ready.”

As we sat down for dinner I had a chat with him. I confronted him about that girl he was talking to, I said “who was that girl? You have a girlfriend you can’t cheat.” He just simply replied, “I can do whatever I want they're just girls Idc about their feelings.” I was speechless. I can't believe my son said that. I raised him to be a good boy not a f-boy.

I told him that he needed to tell that other girl the truth, that he has a girlfriend but he said no and he could keep both of them. I knew that it was wrong so I decided to tell his girlfriend.

I texted her the next morning telling her the truth. She was devastated by the news. Her boyfriend of 2 years was cheating on her with some girl he has met like a week ago.

I felt really bad for her and apologized on my son’s behalf. She thanked me for telling her and she said she was breaking up with him. I respected her decision and said it was the right thing to do.

My son ran downstairs telling me that Sophie broke up with him and that she knew he was cheating. I told him that I told her and he had a right fit at me. I said it was unfair to her and it was the right choice for her to break up with him. He was very upset but I guess he deserves it. Am I the as*hole?

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

goffeclese said:

NTA, in any way. Boy needs to realize actions have consequences. Crazy respect for doing that. That is a hard lesson to teach to your own kiddo, but good for you for not shying away from it.

mebbbes said:

"Sorry son, I don't care about your feelings, you're just a boy."

VeritasB said:

You may want to pay more attention to what your son is listening to and looking at online. Sounds like he maybe going down the Andrew Tate type of rabbit hole. There is a growing issue with young boys getting caught up in incel activities. That fact that he said he didn't care about any of their feelings because to him, girls are things not people. Not good. You are NTA.

Remarkable-Low-643 said:

Nope. NTA Your son's justification sounds very misogynistic as well. I'd check whether he is drinking red pill stuff off the internet just to be sure.

GroundbreakingTwo201 said:

NTA. But as your son gets older, you should really be more hands-off with how he handles relationships. I think you made the right call here for sure though. As a parent, I'd be more worried about your son's moral compass. Make sure he learned his damn lesson.

Academic_Eagle_4001 said:

NTA. I was cheated on. My boyfriend’s friends knew. When I asked one of them why he didn’t tell me he laughed in my face. So thank you for telling her.

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this family?

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