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'My aunt stole my inheritance. Then karma struck and her life fell apart.' MAJOR UPDATE

'My aunt stole my inheritance. Then karma struck and her life fell apart.' MAJOR UPDATE


In an unjust world, it often feels rare to see someone actually face consequences for screwing other people over. So when you do, it can be quite cathartic.

"My aunt stole my inheritance. Then karma struck and her life fell apart."

My aunt was one of two kids my Grandparents had. My mother was the polar opposite to my aunt. She worked from the age of 12 in my Grandfather's shop, never asked for anything, and eventually managed to start her own business. My aunt never held down a job till the age of 26, was constantly taking things from her parents and was constantly in trouble.

Despite this my aunt was spoiled by my grandmother, and so were her kids (she had 3 kids from 3 different men, and her first husband was not one of them if you know what I mean.) Didn't matter what my aunt or her kids did, my grandmother would always jump to their defence. She never had time for my mum and her kids, unless it was to get something from us.

The only reason my mum would visit her was because she loved my grandfather. My grandfather passed away in 2004, and a few months after my nan decided to write up a new will. My mother and my aunt were both present for it when she signed it, so they knew what was in it.

It made it so that when she passed away, her home would be sold and the money split 25% each to my Mum and aunt, and the remaining 50% would go evenly to the grandkids. At the time the home was worth more than £500,000, so it would be a nice little inheritance, but nothing life changing. In 2010, my mum died after an accident, and did not have a current will in place.

As she no longer had her business and was renting a house, she didn't have anything of much monetary value. The only thing she was concerned about was what would be done at her funeral should she have passed away, but had told me everything she wanted.

The music, the flowers, the coffin colour and even what people were to wear at the funeral (She wanted people to wear bright warm colours). So when she passed, my aunt and nan took over all the arrangements and tried to undo all the things I'd told them.

The songs were going to be songs I knew mum didn't like, the flowers were all the wrong colours, and they picked a hideous coffin. With the help of my siblings, we were able to change a few of the things back to what they were supposed to be, but the coffin couldn't be changes for some reason, and my nan refused to let people come "dressed as clowns", so it was all black. It was frustrating.

After the Funeral, my nan had her will changed. My siblings and I were told by our aunt that she didn't have any involvement with the writing of the will, and our Nan told us that she changed it so that Mum share would go to her kids instead. All good, we thought. After mum passed away, my nan just stopped talking about my mum.

At first, we thought it was because she was still recovering from losing her daughter, but even 5 years after mum passed, she still wouldn't talk about her. Even if you brought up a story about mum, nan would very obviously try and change the subject (usually about how hard my aunt and her shitty kids had it).

And if you went to talk to her about your own problems, she would somehow bring it back to my aunt (I had suffered a mental breakdown after my mum's death, so you can imagine how much it hurt to hear "Well, X has had it so much worse!") In 2016, my nan passed away.

She had written down what she wanted to be done for her funeral, and it was basically all the same things she had picked out for my mum's funeral (even the Music to be played!). I don't know why she tried to have a dress rehearsal funeral using my mum as the stand in, but it was obvious that's what she was trying to do.

So after a couple of months, our siblings and I were waiting to hear about the will reading, and my aunt kept telling me "oh it'll be another month before we can do the reading". I didn't mind. I wasn't fussed about the money, to be honest.

But my oldest brother was hoping to use the money to pay for a honeymoon for him and his then fiancé, and my younger brother was about to start Uni, so it would be a hell of a help. Eventually, my dad bumped into the solicitor my grandmother had used to deal with her will, and asked what was happening. The solicitor let slip that the will had already been read, and that it left everything to my aunt.

When my dad questioned this, the solicitor told him that my Aunt had been present when the will was written, despite promising that she had nothing to do with it. When confronted, my aunt initially tried to deny, but eventually admitted to lying to all of us. She showed us the will, and it confirmed what we already knew. The house and ALL its contents were now my aunt's.

This included my Grandad's war medals (he fought in the second world war). When I told her that he had promised them to me before he died, she said, "Well, unless you have it in writing, you will have NOTHING in this house. Anyway, I already gave them to Clive!". My heart sank. Clive (not his real name obvs) was her eldest son, and the dictionary definition of a f**k-up.

He'd been in and out of prison for st**ling and dealing d**gs. I knew that the moment that prick had got his hands on my Grandads medals, they would have been sold off. We looked into taking her to court over the will, but everyone we spoke to said that we probably wouldn't get anything out of it. She immediately put the house up for sale at close to £750,000!

She had pissed off too many people in our town, so she was gonna sell the house and move closer to her daughter, who lives in a big city. An offer was made on the house, and she put down a deposit on a house near the big city. And I thought that was that.....

Here's where Karma comes into play! The people who wanted my nan's house had a survey done on the house to see if there were issues. And oh boy were there. Turns out that the land the house was built on way too soft for the type of house it was, and it was sinking. It has sunk about 2CM in the 40+ years my nan and grandad had lived there, but the sinking was accelerating to 1CM PER YEAR!

This meant that within the next 3 years the house would need some serious work, or be knocked down. The new Value of the house? £60,000! The buyers immediately pulled out, having not even put down a deposit. She couldn't buy her new house, but still had to pay the deposit on it. And while this was happening, she let Clive move in with her into her house that she rented from the council.

He wasn't allowed to live in any of the council houses because he had trashed every single one he'd ever been given. Someone reported this, and she was kicked out of her home. She was forced to move in to my nans old home as she couldn't live anywhere else. So there she is, living in a crumbling house wither shithead son and her partner. She was suck there for 2 years.

Every time I saw her, she would try and start talking to me, and I would just ignore her and walk off. One time as I was walking away, she screamed, "YOUR MOTHER DESERVED TO PASS AWAY FOR HAVING A R**ARD LIKE YOU!!" In the middle of a busy street.

Someone reported her to the authorities, and she had an official warning from them, and was ridiculed on Facebook. Every time I saw here after that, she looked more and more miserable. Eventually, she sold the house for something like £85,000, and moved in with her daughter in the big city. I lost contact with her and her kids after this.

I thought Karma had been issued. Oh, but Karma still wasn't done with her. I bumped into one of her former friends, and she told me what happened after she left our town. She moved into her daughter's home (lets call her Sue), but they only had a 3-bedroom house, and 3 kids.

My aunt and her partner had to live in the smallest room in the house while my aunt looked for a job and a home to rent (even with £85,000, she couldn't afford a home anywhere). After about a month, my aunt's partner ran off after emptying her account. She was left stranded in Sue's house, not contributing anything because all the money she makes goes into bingo.

Eventually, Sue and my aunt get into a screaming match and my aunt said something along the lines of "I should have aborted you!" Sue immediately kicked her out of her house. So, again, there's my aunt, in a city where she knows nobody, no money, no home, and the last bridge she had a smouldering wreck.

Last anyone has heard, she was living in a Caravan in the roughest part of the city, and she can no longer work because she's suffering early onset arthritis and can no longer move her hands. I know I shouldn't get joy out of something like this happening to another person, but is does bring me some peace as to what happened.

TL;DR: My Aunt lied, left me and my siblings with nothing from our inheritance. But now has lost everything and is living in a caravan.​​​​​​

Commenters had a lot of fun with this one.

butterfly-garden wrote:

Karma's a b---, but so is your aunt.

bebealex35 wrote:

Enjoying the warmth doesn't mean you started the fire.

OP responded:

I want this printed on a shirt tbh.

Affectionate_Salte351 wrote:

I’m so upset about those war medals. I feel the same about my own grandpa’s medals. I’m so sorry. This doesn’t make up for that. It’s nice to know that people sometimes don’t get away with things like this, especially because I’m currently involved in a situation with someone like your aunt. Thank you for sharing. I’m so sorry for the loss of your mom and grandpa.

OP responded:

Thank you for your kind words. Although I'm still upset about the loss of the medals (I even tried to find who he sold them too, but he wouldn't tell me the prick), I'm happy that I still have the stories he told me of time in the war. And I'm glad I get to share them with his Great Grandchildren.

AngelaIsNotMyName wrote:

My mom got my granny’s house after she passed, to the chagrin of my aunt, uncles, and a cousin. My mom didn’t really want the house, but since it’s a house, and not a Thank You Card, she thought she should probably shouldn’t just toss it aside and actually fix it up. She figured maybe she’d find a use for it in the future.

After a few home improvement projects and an attempt to be a landlord to a couple of people, my mom just kinda let the house sit there. My mom had asked me if I wanted to live there, but it was so far away from anything (work, school, fun) that I told her I’d think about it. The same offer was made to my siblings, with the same response.

One day, out of the blue, it was discovered that my aunt had not only secretly moved into the house, but had forged signatures on legal documents to make it look like the house was hers all along. She even got them notarized! My mom said it would have been fine if she just wanted to live in the house, but the steps she took to get there were way out of line. So she got a lawyer.

Currently, I don’t talk to my mom or my aunt, but the last I heard of this, there was a very promising case against the notary who approved the forged documents. There was an attempt to bring legal action against my aunt (which would ultimately result in jail time), but that seemed to be a little tougher.

JipC1963 wrote:

Glad to see Karma at its best and most deserved! I'm disabled and we bought a RV travel trailer to travel for business and pleasure across the U.S. before buying a house in a new State (part of the great California migration) for a bit less than a year. I can tell you from experience that your Aunt is NOT enjoying her "caravan lifestyle!"

Especially if it's in cold, damp England and suffering so badly from arthritis. The humidity just about killed me because there's not much insulation and I was badly crippled whenever it rained, Summer or Winter. So I can almost guarantee that your awful Aunt is likely even MORE miserable than you thought! Karma in spades!

A year later, OP jumped on with a major update.

Hello all. Around a year ago, I told all of you about my Aunt stealing my and my sibling's inheritance, and I thought I'd make a quick update. But I wanted to answer and correct a few things.

I have tried to find my grandfather's war medals, but because I do not have his service number or his death certificate, I can't even get access to his records. After I found out my cousin had taken and sold the medals, I did search local stores and Facebook groups looking for info, but no luck.

I know he hadn't won any major medals (he was a mechanic and driver in the Royal Army, so thankfully had a rather uneventful war), so it would have just been the campaign and service medals.

Someone did ask for specifics about the signing of the will, pointing out that my aunt couldn't have been a witness to the signing of the will due to laws preventing it. I don't know the full specifics of what she and my nan had done, but her solicitor did let slip that my aunt had known what was in the will before it was written.

I just don't know the full details. I'm ignorant when it comes to solicitors and the such, and it was my eldest sister who read the will in full and relayed it to the rest of us. We did ask if there was anything we could fight it, but everyone we talked to said there wasn't any case. Sorry if that was confusing.

I have seen a few comments on Reddit and on YouTube videos (super weird seeing in the wild btw) using she/her to describe me. Well, I guess that's why now people on here give their age and gender at the start of these stories because I'm a man. 32/M in case you were wondering. I wasn't annoyed or upset about it, I just thought it was funny, lol.

Someone asked what a caravan is. They're what we call travel trailers in the UK. Think of a fibreglass/aluminium box on wheels. People in the UK use them for short holidays, and they are not fun to live in for an extended period of time (I have experience of this, and it sucked).

Anyway, onto the UPDATE:

So when I last left off, my Aunt had been left abandoned in a big city and stuck in a caravan with crippling arthritis.

Well a few weeks after my first post I had gotten news that she has somehow found a new BF. How I don't know, because my aunt had the look and build of an obese Pug, and that was when she was in her 30s. So what she looks like now in her mid-60s doesn't bear thinking about. Well, she and her new boy toy (I think I just threw up a little) decided to move to a seaside town and start a new life.

Well, you can guess what happened. Boy Toy must have gotten sick of her, or found out she had no money, so abandoned her. During an argument with her landlord, she suffered a heart attack. And while in hospital, she suffered another. She has recovered but is even more disabled than she was before.

She's been given a home by her local council. But it's OK guys, because Clive has come to live with her. Oh my god, Clive! (the f**k-up who sold my grandfather's medals and lost my aunt her home). The man is a walking episode of Jeremy Kyle (Editor's Note: for those outside the UK, Jeremy Kyle was a tabloid TV show similar to Jerry Springer in the US).

After my aunt left my hometown, things started to look up for Clive. Someone took pity on him and gave him a job as a labourer, and for a few months, he was doing well. Looking clean and well, despite everything that had happened, I was glad he was getting his life back on track.

Well, it turns out not. He was given a work van to go from job to job, and one day came to work with a black eye and no van. He told everyone that he'd been carjacked and the van stolen. Sadly (for Clive), they found the van. And a very confused man wondering why the police were arresting him.

After questioning and a text exchange, they found out that Clive had sold the van to the man and gave himself a black eye to make it look like a theft. Clive was arr**ted. He was massively lucky because his boss didn't press charges (the boss told me later that he only did it out of respect for my Grandfather), and all the police did was fine for wasting police time.

After burning through all the money he had, he was again homeless. His only lifeline was his younger brother (let's call him Colin). Colin was in the armed forces and a pretty high rank from what I've heard. Colin was away from home most of the time on deployment but had managed to buy a nice home in our town.

He let Clive live in his house on the agreement that he pays part of the mortgage. You know where this is going. He stopped paying, stopped maintaining the house, and treated it like a drug's den. Colin asked him to leave, but Clive used “squatter rights” to prevent removal.

Because Colin was overseas, he couldn't come back and sort it out and kick him out in person and had no one in the area to wait for Clive to leave and change the locks behind him. So Clive lived in the house for 6 months. That was until a pissed-off father broke in and b**t the s*** out of Clive. You see, the father had found out that Clive (who is 41 btw) had been s*xting and selling green flower to a 13-year-old girl.

After that, Clive abandoned the house and ran off to mummy. From what I've heard, Colin had gutted the house and is selling it to move closer to his base. We found most of this out from my aunt's daughter Sue (the one who kicked my aunt out). You see, my brother was on holiday in Turkey, and just so happened to be in the hotel room next to Sue!

She was very apologetic to my brother and thought we might like to know what had happened. She seems to have a nice life and family, and no longer lives in the house she shared with her mum. I am generally happy for her. Although, I don't think I will try to mend our relationship. Sue had said some spiteful things to me in particular and had never reached out to apologize.

I might still feel a little bit bitter for that. As for my aunt, I don't know how to feel. I do hope she gets better and grows enough of a spine to kick Clive out, as it will only lead her to more trouble. In some ways, I do wish I could rebuild a relationship with her. She is the last living link to my grandfather and grandmother, as well as my mother's only living sibling.

But I know I could never trust her, never not see that face and the spitefulness that she had for me and my family. She chose money (or what she thought was money) over us and I don't think I can forgive that. But I'm not going to go out of my way to do her more harm. I'm just happy that I am in a better place now.

The schadenfreude fest continued in the comments.

No_Joke_9079 wrote:

Once in a while, karma shows up.

ExtonGuy wrote:

The law doesn’t prevent somebody from being (attempting to be) both a witness and a beneficiary. There’s no policeman stepping in and saying “no, no, you can’t do that.” What the law does do, if somebody with an involvement makes a formal objection, is to say that witnessing & being a beneficiary are incompatible.

The judge might throw out one or the other, don’t know which. Are the will and related filings public record? Perhaps if you care, you could get a copy, complete with signatures.

OP responded:

I know I can pay for a copy of the will, but I can't be bothered. Not Like I would get anything from it.

jansguy68 wrote:

I am kind of disappointed to hear of Sue's family - I was hoping Aunt, Clive, and Sue would remain isolated so as to lop off that genetic line for humanity's sake, but Colin probably has latent scumbag DNA he'll pass on anyways.

OP responded:

Oh, Clive already has kids. Three that I know of, and they're all named after 80s movie stars. No, I'm not kidding.

DetFlyn9125 wrote:

“The man is a walking episode of Jeremy Kyle” That is one of the best descriptions of someone I’ve ever heard. I can certainly think of a few people I know who would fit that. Might start using it.

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