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'My boyfriend cheated and ghosted me. He's sleeping with his roommate's ex-GF.' UPDATED 4X

'My boyfriend cheated and ghosted me. He's sleeping with his roommate's ex-GF.' UPDATED 4X


No breakup is easy to handle, but some are far more painful than others.

In a popular post on the True Off My Chest subreddit, a woman shared her saga with her ex.

"My boyfriend cheated and ghosted me."

Dude couldn’t even man up and tell me that he didn’t want to be together anymore. He had me thinking that he was dead somewhere because he wouldn’t reply back to me for TWO DAYS. His roommate had to call me and let me know that “yeah he’s fine, he’s cheating on you with my EX.”

So not only is he screwing me over but he’s also screwing over his roommate, his supposed “best friend”. What a f#$king sh#$ty person. I can’t believed I was fooled. I almost told this person I loved him. I’m so mad at myself, I’m so disgusted.

The internet was quick to respond.

georgia38jl wrote:

Oh, look! The trash took itself out! At least you aren't living with him.

konspirator01 wrote:

This sucks a lot, but at least you got rid of him before the "I love you" phase. There are so many better guys for you.

SnooWords4839 wrote:

Look back on this as a bullet dodged!! Thank the roommate and block!

A few days later, OP shared a more thorough update.

So I went to my ex’s house on Wednesday to grab some things I left there and did some unhinged and petty things to his room as his roommate egged me on. His roommate felt so bad for me. Hell, I felt so bad for him, he still has to live with the guy who betrayed him. I offered to buy him lunch and he accepted and offered me a toke.

We went to a Thai place and I ate one piece of my food (my appetite has been completely lost) and pondered on if what I did (trashing my ex’s room) was justified. I asked the roommate and he was shocked, responding with, “don’t you think he deserved it?” Indeed, he did but I’m such a nice person, I felt like I had gone a little psycho about it…

I took him back to the apartment and told him how I was sad I wouldn’t see their cat anymore. He told me I could come over whenever I wanted to, even just to f#$k with my ex. I asked if he had any St Patrick’s day plans and he said yeah, come out with me. So I accepted. We texted for a few days.

I let him know I was making shepherd's pie for my parents and he commented on how he hadn’t had it in awhile. I offered to bring him some since I had intended on making some for them on Friday if everything hadn’t blown up anyway. So I made the pies on Friday afternoon and headed out to meet him at a bar that evening.

Arrived to the bar, he introduced me to everyone all night as “my roommate’s ex gf that he cheated on with my ex” so although I got sympathy, I felt uneasy on how these random people and his coworkers (went to his job to get free drinks) would view me. He’d been drinking all day while I had just started so I was looking out for him a little. We went to smoke in his car then went to a house party after.

Noooow, at this party, he was putting his arm around me and hugging me. It felt nice. We left the party and went back to his car. We spoke for a moment before he asked to kiss me. I said, “sure” and we made out for a bit. He walked me to my car and he asked if I wanted to go back to the apartment with him… with the possibility of seeing my ex? Not now. I headed home instead.

It wasn’t my intention to get with the roommate. I know it won’t lead to anything serious because he’s too young for me and I just can’t set my head/heart straight for anything physical right now.

Also, I’m late in my cycle...four days late. I’m hoping it’s just from the stress.

TL;DR: basically cheating ex bf to going out with his roommate pipeline.

The internet was fully invested in this update.

CrimsonVixen49 wrote:

Ngl, based on how he introduced you to everyone, it sounds like he's just trying to get under his roommates skin by messing around with you now. I might be wrong though.

OP responded:

I figured and I’m sort of okay with it. He has a reputation but at least he’s straight up about it. I just let him know that I wanted comfort, affection & friendship rather than s*x & he’s okay with that since he can find s*x anywhere.

RareLingdonberry5251 wrote:

He is in a very vulnerable position and is seriously grieving. It sounds like he is taking this super hard and given that he is stuck living with the person who caused it, is a bit traumatized. I think he is going to make some bad choices. You are dealing with it one way and he is another.

I'm glad you went home rather than go to his place because he was in no state to make a proper choice. Make sure you both respect each other and understand that you both are vulnerable right now. I wish the best for you both.

OP responded:

Yeah, I feel really bad for him. A friendship of 6 years ruined. He’s got a good head on his shoulders and honestly, doesn’t drink much. It was the first Friday he’s had off in forever so he just took advantage of that. I think we both respect one another but at the same time, we’re still getting to know eachother since we didn’t speak much at all when I was dating my ex.

He told me if I didn’t feel right and if this was too much for me, he’d leave me alone. He just wants me to be comfortable which I appreciate. I’ll definitely leave him alone if he’d like me to. I don’t really have much of an attachment to him but he’s nice to talk to and make out with haha

Patriot0811 wrote:

You really need to separate yourself from this drama bulls**t. No games, no revenge. Cut your ex off, cut his roommate off and move on with your life.

raynravyn wrote:

Take the cat first. They deserve better.

OP responded:

He deserves so much better but it’s okay I’ll love on him when I see him :)

A month later, OP shared another update.

Hello again Reddit! I don’t really have much of an update but just wanted to let everyone know that it’s been pretty okay for me. I’ve moved into my own place with my cat and we’ve officially been here 10 days :) It’s been great besides my cat’s intial anxiousness but she’s getting used to it! I haven’t spoken to my ex’s roommate in weeks.

We both started feeling weird about the situation but remain Pokémon Go friends. As for my ex…him and the girl broke up and I haven’t heard from him at all. He views all my social media but has made no effort to speak with me which I’m thankful for. Guess he’s just looking to see what he’s missing out on.

I’ll be going to a concert next week which my mom said she’d fund for me and my older sister recently told me she’s paying my phone bill for the rest of the year :’) I’ve really been so lucky this month and I know I deserve it. My friend who gave me my cat is also giving me a kitten from their newest litter! I can’t wait to have my own little void and hope they can bring my kitty out of her shell :)

I’ve started therapy since (this is the only bad update) I had a panic attack while I was intimate with a guy. I told him that I felt it was too soon since the break up and even warned him I might cry and he was okay with it until I was sobbing and hyperventilating into his pillow. I left his place and proceeded to chain smoke/cry my entire way home.

Somehow, that didn’t scare him off and he’s asked to see me since but I don’t think I will. I’m thinking I’ll stay single and alone for a bit. Focus on improving myself. So that’s the update and probably the last one. I’m just gonna be healing, glowing up and thriving :)

A few months later, OP shared yet another update.

Soooo big and small changes have happened since my intial post (that’s now since been deleted, I apologize) but a little tldr; my boyfriend of 4 months cheated on me with his roommate’s crazy ex girlfriend. I found out from the roommate since my boyfriend ghosted me. I’ve since moved out on my own which is exciting! I love my new place.

I got a kitten and she’s the absolute best and gets along so well with my other cat (plus they’re sisters!! Same mom, different litters) I was seeing a therapist for awhile, I hang out with friends more, went to concerts, traveled etc. Now, I guess, onto the juicier stuff. Honestly, not much has happened.

I unfollowed him on socials but he continued to view my things for a few months until I had a dream about him telling me he got a new job and he was going to be a DAD. I woke up in a terrible mood from that and went into work only to drive behind who? My ex on his way to work…then that same day, he unfollowed me on socials. About time.

I texted his roommate since we’re friends (only friends!) and asked him about the pregnancy. He said, “he did mention something to me the other day and I was confused but after having you ask, it makes sense” so yeah. He got the girl he cheated on me with pregnant within 2-3 months. Congrats to them, I hope they live in misery with eachother. I’ve gone on a few dates here and there.

I now have intimacy issues so I don’t like people touching me much less engaging in s*xual acts with me so currently going through a dry spell lol. I’m just enjoying my life, stress free and cheater free. Or so I thought. Since we unfollowed eachother on socials, I thought that’d be it. I reposted a funny video yesterday annnnnnd he viewed it today.

This sorry excuse of a man went out of his way to look me up and view my story. I know it’s probably best to just block him but I don’t really care to. He lost the best thing that ever happened to him and he can look on in regret. I doubt that he’ll reach out so I don’t think I’ll be updating again. Just going to continue to live my best life and enjoy my peace on this earth ✌️

A few months later, OP shared a fourth update post.

It’s been a long time. 7 months to be exact since I’ve found out about my (ex) boyfriend cheating on me with his best friend/roommate’s ex. I’d like to say that I’m doing great! About a month after that all went down, I got my own place. Just me, my cat and her half sister that I got in August.

I’m doing great in my job, been to a few concerts, took some much needed vacations and been hanging out with my loving family and friends. I have not heard from my ex and have blocked him on mostly everything.

I don’t care to know what’s going on in his life and it helps that he lives far from me anyway so there’s no way I’d ever see him besides in passing on the highway, which happened one time and caused him to finally unfollow me on Instagram because men are weird and will ghost you but continue to view your content? Oh well, so long and good riddance.

His now ex roommate has been over to my place a few times, my cats really like him but he’s tried sleeping with me a few times and I’ve rejected him each time. I have no interest in him and especially have no interest in sleeping with someone that was so close to my ex. I’ve started seeing someone and he’s wonderful. We get along so well and just started going to the gym together.

This is by far, my healthiest relationship despite my reservations of dating someone in the military. When he has to go away for training, I’ll take his puppy out to the dog park and care for him while he’s gone. He’s goofy, caring and I’m probably at his place half the week. I truly adore him and can’t wait to see where this goes.

He’s going to be meeting my family this weekend for an impromptu thanksgiving we’re having since my sister and her family is in town. She was also in the military so she has a little interrogation planned but I’m sure it’ll be fine lol. Anyways, that’s the update! Can only hope that life only gets better from here.

Commenters were fully invested in the series of updates.

matchamagpie wrote:

A cat and a new kitten are way better than a cheating ex who got his fling pregnant. Go OP! I'm glad she didn't get with the ex roommate. OP doesn't need the baggage. Her new relationship sounds so much healthier than getting involved in all that drama again.

ynwestrope wrote:

Oof, they all sound so....young. This level of drama from a 4 month relationship is NOT it.

bellaphile wrote:

Wait, I’m confused. She dreamt he got someone pregnant and it became true? Am I reading that right?

n0turaveragej0 wrote:

Sometimes it happens, I dreamt my best friend was going to tell my crush I liked him and I tackled her to stop her. Then the very next day she tried to tell my crush I liked him, and while I didn’t have to tackle her, I figured I’d do it for the plot and really make the dream a full reality.

NinjasWithOnions wrote:

While reading the first post, I was fully expecting a twist where the roommate lied to OP about her bf cheating so roommate could hook up with her. Glad it’s working out for her and she’s got a couple of fuzzbutts to keep her company.

It sounds like OP has taken out the trash and is now off to better experiences.

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